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What is the gas tax in New Jersey really for?

One tax that is not the highest, or close to the highest rate in the country is the gasoline use tax in New Jersey, which is used to fund the “Transportation Trust Fund”.  You can read the article here:

But for some reason, all of the liberal politicians in this state want to raise it.  In fact, the reason they use is “it’s so low”.  Of course they then want to tell you that they need the money (what else is new) in order to fund “much needed repairs” of our highways.  But is that really where the money is going to, highway repair and new construction?

The simple answer is, not really.  A few weeks ago, in New York City, Mayor Bloomberg was all over the issue of congestion pricing.  He needed the state government in Albany to pass the plan in order to obtain $350 million in federal funds for the plan.  Well the same shell game is being played with the “Transportation Trust Fund”.  The only way Corzine can get his new Choo Choo Train Tunnel built under the Hudson River is if the “Transportation Trust Fund” can kick in $500 million.  So, no new roads, no fixing highways, no update of the Pulaski Sky-way.  Just more money being paid by New Jersey drivers so Governor Stupidhead (anyone who drives in a car without a seat belt deserves this name) can get another one of his dream projects done.

To all the idiots in Trenton including Governor Stupidhead Corzine, “IT’S TAXES, STUPID!”


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