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They are doing it again to us!

The constitution of the State of New Jersey forbids the borrowing of money, except that debt which has been approved by the citizens of the state by vote!  In other words, if the idiots in Trenton want to borrow money, they must put the items on the ballot and have us vote either for or against the borrowing.  well, the new budget that they want to pass next week includes borrowing 4 billion dollars, without are approval!

This money is earmarked for school construction and will be spent just like the last time they borrowed money and gave it to a corrupt School Construction Corporation and blew through 8.6 billion dollars!  And to make matters worse, the original borrowing was suppose to be 2.5 billion dollars and they added 1.5 billion!

Two of the biggest idiots in Trenton justify this in the following manner.  Ron Rice, D-Essex says they have to replace schools in the ironbound section of Newark that were built in the 1800’s.  My question to that is “What the hell was Newark doing for the last 150 years with the money they collected and the state sent them”?  Gary Schaer, D-Passaic, a triple dipping senator suggested that one day, one of the students who use these new facilites could find cures for cancer and other diseases.  Well, I have news for him, these students would be so smart, that they would be the first ones to leave New Jersey for a state that would not tax the living crap out of them!

Get on the telephone, write a letter, send and e-mail and tell these idiots that you will remember the next time at the polls who they have put the screw to you and that they are gone!

To Ron Rice, Gary Schaer and all of the other idiots in Trenton, IT’S TAXES STUPID!


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  1. fyi – Gary Schaer is an assemblyman, not a senator.

    He’s also a council president of Passaic. His 3rd position(acting mayor of Passaic) was due to the resignation of Sammy Rivera. It’s temporary and he doesn’t get paid for it.

    Comment by Wes | June 23, 2008 | Reply

  2. You are right about Gary Schaer being an assemblyman in the 36th. district. I had Paul Sarlo on my mind when I was writing this. He is the mayor of Woodridge, Senator and the town engineer. As far as compensation, all council members receive a stipend, normally around $10,000.00. This also qualifies them for pension benefits from the state. And now I am sure he is taking the salary for the mayor position, but he could be donating it to some charity. But, this would also count towards a pension. Gary is just another example of a double dipping idiot.

    Comment by bullmoose1952 | June 23, 2008 | Reply

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