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What a waste of time!

Tonight I went to the “Constituent Services Evening” that was being held by Assemblymen Gary Schaer, Fred Scalera and State Senator Paul Sarlo.  Well first things first, only Gary Schaer showed up.  I guess Fred and Paul had to think up new ways to tax and spend us some more.  Further, and this really pisses me off, only 2 other citizens showed up to confront Schaer on the real issues, mainly a state budget that is still loaded with fat!

After listening to Gary ramble on for 45 minutes about free services that he can arrange through his office (like anything is free from the government) he opened the table for questions.  Of course I was the first out of the gate with the question of how it is legal for them to borrow 3.9 billion dollarswithout the approval of the voters!  His answer was that he and the other “elected officials” in Trenton felt that the Supreme Court would order them to spend the money.  When I questioned why not “let the voters decide in November”?  He went on to tell a story about his wife buying sardines at Shop Rite and Costco.  He then decided he had enough debating with me and closed the meeting.  Of course this was after I wanted to discuss things like dual office holding, family leave, part time work full time pensions, etc. etc. etc.  What a jerk!

For Gary (double dipper) Schaer, and no shows Fred Scalera and Paul (triple dipper) Sarlo, “IT’S TAXES, STUPID”!


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