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Another loser who does not get it!

Jim Florio, the one term governor who felt taxing toilet paper was the proper thing to do has now weighed in on off-shore drilling.  Here is the link to the op-ed the Star Ledger ran on Monday:

Notice the multiply use of the words “possible spill”, “potential leak”, “limited to a few years’ worth of consumption”, “supply would be minute”, “decade away”.  Wow, if we lived by the word “possible”, who would fly if it was “possible” the plane might crash?  It would be crazy to drive, if we “might” be in an accident that would kill us.  And it gets better when the supply would be “minute”.  How does he know this, is he an expert in oil exploration?

Just a few months ago, off the coast of Brazil, an elephant field was found.  An elephant field is a huge oil deposit.  And how did Brazil find it, they got experts to drill for the oil!  They did not live by the words ‘possible, might”, “minute”.  They decided to be leaders, not whiners.

It’s time for Jim Florio to go away and let real leaders be heard.


And for idiots like Jim Florio, IT’S TAXES, STUPID!


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