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How stupid does Corzine think we are?

Yesterday, the Star Ledger reported how a “tax windfall” of $650 million would be used to help pay down the current debt of $33 billiongeneral, $58 billion of unfunded health insurance costs for retired government workers/teachers and $28 billion short fall in state pension funds.  Wow, that’s great except for one little problem; the day before his announcement, he agreed to a budget that included the illegal borrowing  of $3.9 billion for Abbott district schools!  Now lets do some math, $33 billion plus $58 billion plus $28 billion equals $119 billion.  If we subtract $650 million, we get $118.35 billion.  But, we have to add $3.9 billion so the final amount of debt becomes 122.25 billion! 

So instead of decreasing the debt as he says, what is actually happening is that we will be increasing the debt by $3.25 Billion!  How in hell will this decrease interest payments!  How stupid does he think we are?  Maybe instead of spending all of this additional money on education in our schools, we should spend it educating these idiots in Trenton on basic math! 

To all the idiots in Trenton who can’t add simple numbers, IT’S TAXES STUPID!


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