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Just the beginning on school funding in New Jersey

As I hope most of you already know, the idiots in Trenton have borrowed $4 billion dollars, without voter approval and most likely unconstitutional, to fund the new Schools Development Authority.  Over the next few weeks, I will be keeping you informed on the expenses and what I feel to be conflicts regarding the needs and spending regarding these funds.  Unfortunately, at this time, I am pressed for time to really develop the information to present a “factual” accounting of this most wasteful program.  That said, this is one that any person would have to question.

The recently released list of new school projects published by the NJ Schools Development Authority reveals that Union City will be getting $47,011,471 dollars for a “new elementary school”.  Now, that on the surface does not sound to bad, but if you remember, this is the same school district that pays it school bus drivers overtime to recharge their cellphones!  This is also the same school district that has four aassistant school superintendents, when most school systems of the same size have at the most one aassistant school superintendent.  Finally, this school system does not elect it’s board of education, but has the members appointed by the mayor, Brian Stack, who just by chance is also a double dipper who is also the State Senator for the 33rd district.

My point in bringing this first of numerous comments on this subject, is before just handing over almost $50 million dollars, how about a state or independent audit to start some slashing of the current expenditures to obtain the best “bang for the taxpayers buck”.  Is that too much to ask?  I ask you to be the judge, since in the end, it is your money!

For all of the idiots who would not let the citizens of New Jersey vote on going further in debt:



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