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It’s Abbott District Time Again!

I thought that any silly program that wastes taxpayer’s money should have it’s own song.  I hope you remember the the song for the Howdy Doddy Show, because here are some new lyrics:

“It’s Abbott District Time

We don’t want just a dime

We want Billions of Dollars

And hope no one hollers!”

Let’s discuss the big perks that Abbott districts shell out to administrators.  In my hometown, Garfield, the two top administrators are in line to collect $150,000 in unused sick days!  Where in the private sector can you find this deal?  Maybe, instead of stem cell research, we should be drawing their blood and discover the wonder gene that gives them the ability to never get sick.  Of course the school district can’t afford copy paper to print out items for students, but to hell with them as long as the management is taken care of!

How about West New York, and the superintendent who makes $231,000 and his underlings will retire with buybacks exceeding $50,000 each, this is in addition to their pensions.  Want more, how about the Jersey City superintendent who just signed a contract in which he gets paid, $250,000 per year, and he gets to cash out 500 sick days for $85,000.  Now he has been there for 40 years, so this means he was getting 12.5 days per year, works only 9 months out of the year, and never gets sick.  Wow, superman lives in Jersey City.

Who said that you have to follow the money to get rich, just be a school superintendent.  You will make over a quarter of a million dollars a year in Newark and Jersey City.  And don’t worry about performance, since these districts are at the bottom of the pile, it is obvious that performance is not a requirement.

The best part of all of this, is that at least one-third of the school districts have failed to post salary and perk information on their websites, even though a law passed last year requires it.  Has anyone been called to account for this disregard for the law?  Of course not!  But, how hard could this be to accomplish?  The budgets have to be done in a computer word program, why can’t the file just be uploaded? 

The legislature assures us that new “safeguards” are in place to make sure that the money given to Abbott District Schools will be spent properly.  But who has put into place the “safeguards” to protect us from them?

To all the idiots in Trenton and in the Abbott Districts, “IT’S TAXES STUPID”!


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