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It’s Abbott District Time Again!

Hi kids, guess what time it is again?  It’s Abbott District Time!  Yes, it time to rape the taxpayers of New Jersey again!

Remember how we had the story of the City of Passaic, and how double dipping representative Gary Schaer has gotten almost a quarter of a billion dollars for his city.  Well, let’s take a look at three other cities in New Jersey, Millville, Phillipsburg and Trenton.

The administrators of the Millville school system hoped to receive $43 million dollars to help renovate their overcrowded high school.  Guess what Jon “Santa Claus” Corzine and the rest of the clowns in Trenton are sending Millville?  Well, Millville is getting $164 million dollars!  Yes kids, Jon “Santa Claus” Corzine is giving Millville, with the help of his elf, State Senator Jeff Van Drew (D) four times the amount that Millville requested to upgrade their high school, to build a brand spanking new high school!  It sure is great to be Santa Claus when you can spend other people’s money.

Now, how about Phillipsburg?  First off, Phillipsburg has already received $12million dollars of state money for architect fees and site preparation (what did they do, design the Taj Mahal and gold plate the land?) when they ran out of money.  So this time the officials in charge of this project are really thinking this out and planning for the future.  By doing this, they have raised the calculated amount of money they need from $64million dollars in 2004 to $174 million dollars today!  Almost three times the amount of money they need to finish this project, and don’t forget, they have spent $12 million dollars already!  So the new high school in Phillipsburg will cost $186million dollars! 

Finally, we have to visit Trenton, reluctantly but we must!  In 2004, plans to spend $123 million dollars for the renovation of the Trenton Central High School were developed.  Bids went out, but the project was canceled when only one contractor submitted a bid that was $23 million too high.  The rumor that he did not grease the right palm has not been proven, yet, but is still being investigated.  Now get this kids, the new Schools Development Authority (this replaced the “evil” Schools Construction Corporation)  has approved the proposal to spend $160 million dollars!  In other words, or figures, what would have cost $146 million dollars four years ago, will now cost an additional $14 million.  What a way to save our taxpayer money!

So let’s sum this up, three high schools, two new, one renovation, equals $510 million dollars!  Over a half a billion dollars!  But remember kids, they are watching out for our tax dollars!  Yes, they are watching our tax dollars going down the old toilet of political corruption, kickbacks and Christmas tree spending!

To all of the idiots in Trenton who are watching our tax dollars fly out the window, “IT’S TAXES STUPID!”

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More on the New Jersey Debt

Buried in the Star Ledger a week ago was a little article by a reporter that I would love to meet sometime, Dunstan McNichol.  In the article, Dunstan reported on a debt update at a recent news conference in Trenton.  It seems that the debt in New Jersey is up $2.2 billion this year!  This in spite of Corzine’s recent touting of a new initiative to pay down $650 million dollars of outstanding debt.

Now let me get this right, Corzine says that he is reducing the debt, but it actually goes up.  Does he know the difference between billion and million?

The article goes on to show a fantastic graph that illustrates how the debt load in New Jersey has TRIPLED in the last decade!  Let’s say that again, THE DEBT HAS TRIPLED in the last 10 years!  In other words, we use to owe $12 billion, now we owe $36 billion.  And everyone of the idiots during that time who went to Trenton, promised to reduce the debt!  Every single mother loving one of them!

In just over a year, we will have the chance in this state to toss a bunch of these idiots out.  At that time, we have to clean house, because we can no longer afford to hock the state of New Jersey!

To ALL of the idiots in Trenton, who feel that the citizens are just an ATM for all of their spending ideas, IT’S TAXES STUPID!”

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Stupid is as Stupid says!

Has anyone heard what most of these idiot representatives and senators of ours in New Jersey say when the topic of gas prices and oil drilling comes up?  One of their solutions always is to “control the outrageous speculation that is being done in the oil futures market”!  Guess what stupid, the state appeals court in New Jersey just ruled that the public pension funds of New Jersey can invest in hedge funds!  Guess what hedge funds invest in stupid, that’s right, the oil futures market!  Once again, Stupid is as Stupid says applies to the majority of the elected officials from New Jersey!

To all of the stupid people we elect, “IT’S TAXES, STUPID!”

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Great way to cut the debt!

Still believe the lies that Corzine, Cody and the idiots in Trenton are passing off to you?  Well, not more than two months ago, all of the idiots in Trenton told you how they were going to pay of about 500 million of the outstanding debt that all of the citizens of New Jersey owe.  Now, it comes to light that because more police and firefighters are retiring because of disabilities, they have added an additional $551 million to the state pension shortfall.  Now the shortfall, or money that still needs to be added to the funds totals $28.9 billion!

But wait, I thought that we owed $36.5 billion now, with the addition of the $4.0 billion for Abbott Districts?  Yes, you are right, we owe $36.5 billion for the state’s debt, but we also owe $28.9 billion in pension benefits!  If you can’t do the math that fast, the total from this burden combined is now $66 billion (rounded off)!  That is $66 billion that you, your wife, children, parents and others owe!  Want to pass the hat around now?

How much more can the hard working people of New Jersey put up with?  How much more are we going to take from these people? 

To all the idiots in Trenton, “IT’S TAXES STUPID!”

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Another raping of taxpayers by an Abbott District and Corzine

Well kids, Newark has a new superintendent, Clifford Janey, and guess what, he is going to be the highest paid superintendent in New Jersey, with a yearly salary of $301,000.00!  To add injury to insult, this contract has been approved by the big idiot himself, Jon (do as I say, not as I do) Corzine.  Yes kids, the same Jon Corzine who promised to deal with the ridiculous contracts that these superintendents are receiving in this state.  but, let’s dive a little bit farther into this contract and who it is being given to, one Clifford Janey.

Janey is being cited as having an extensive resume, including being superintendent of schools in Rochester, NY and Washington, DC.  Let’s have a look at these assignments.

He was the superintendent of schools in Rochester, but what is really interesting is how he left, how about this for a left out fact:

“When Rochester let him go, he was given a $260,800 separation agreement (that’s nearly half the amount of the entire RCSD’s budget for one year!) & a commitment that keeps school board members from saying nasty, if truthful, things about his competence.”

He was let go in Rochester in 2002, and the school board had a gag order to prevent them from telling exactly how bad this guy was running their school system.  Wow, what a resume builder that is, but that is only the top of the iceberg.  Let’s look at Washington, DC:

“The bureaucrats in the District of Columbia have given Doctor Clifford Janey the boot from his post as Superintendent of the schools there, effective immediately.”

“They liked the job he did SO much, they’ve eliminated not only him but also the position of Superintendent!”

“His current contract with Washington, D.C. runs for another two years. At $274,000 plus a $25,000 bonus, this man Janey is one lucky guy. Sweet! (Yes, he’s getting a bonus for 2006-2007 while being fired!) ”

Janey was superintendent in Washington DC for a little less than three years, and he gets fired again!  Just more padding for the resume.  It seems that what this fellow does best is getting fired and collecting huge settlements.

So this is what Corzine and the other clowns in Trenton think we should be spending our Abbott District funds on; a person who is a failure in all of his professional endeavors, to lead the largest, failing school district in the state!   And is there any wonder why this state is on the brink of economic disaster?

To all of the idiots in Trenton, “IT’S TAXES STUPID!”

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Jumping back into the game

I have had to take a few weeks off for vacation and some other items that I had to deal with.  But, now it is time to get back into the game.  We have to stop the destruction of New Jersey by the evil doers in Trenton.

While on vacation the past week, I had the opportunity to stop in Williamsburg, VA and also Yorktown.  While in Yorktown, I had the pleasure to speak to a person who runs a store that specializes in patriotic items.  She gave me a great view on what is happening in Virginia now.  She said that “liberal, northerners from New York, New Jersey, etc. had been coming to Virginia and helped to change the voting scheme of the state by voting democrat.  The local residences have seen the harm that these “people have done” and now are mounting a concerted effort to get all true born Virginians to the polls this November to counteract the ‘libs” and take back their state!  If you heard this lady, you know she means it!  How about we take the same attitude in this state, and send the idiots like Corzine, Cody and the rest packing!  NObama, NOlibs, NO more lies!

To all the idiots in Trenton, “WE ARE COMING FOR YOU”! and “IT’S TAXES STUPID”!

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