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Stupid is as Stupid says!

Has anyone heard what most of these idiot representatives and senators of ours in New Jersey say when the topic of gas prices and oil drilling comes up?  One of their solutions always is to “control the outrageous speculation that is being done in the oil futures market”!  Guess what stupid, the state appeals court in New Jersey just ruled that the public pension funds of New Jersey can invest in hedge funds!  Guess what hedge funds invest in stupid, that’s right, the oil futures market!  Once again, Stupid is as Stupid says applies to the majority of the elected officials from New Jersey!

To all of the stupid people we elect, “IT’S TAXES, STUPID!”


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Great way to cut the debt!

Still believe the lies that Corzine, Cody and the idiots in Trenton are passing off to you?  Well, not more than two months ago, all of the idiots in Trenton told you how they were going to pay of about 500 million of the outstanding debt that all of the citizens of New Jersey owe.  Now, it comes to light that because more police and firefighters are retiring because of disabilities, they have added an additional $551 million to the state pension shortfall.  Now the shortfall, or money that still needs to be added to the funds totals $28.9 billion!

But wait, I thought that we owed $36.5 billion now, with the addition of the $4.0 billion for Abbott Districts?  Yes, you are right, we owe $36.5 billion for the state’s debt, but we also owe $28.9 billion in pension benefits!  If you can’t do the math that fast, the total from this burden combined is now $66 billion (rounded off)!  That is $66 billion that you, your wife, children, parents and others owe!  Want to pass the hat around now?

How much more can the hard working people of New Jersey put up with?  How much more are we going to take from these people? 

To all the idiots in Trenton, “IT’S TAXES STUPID!”

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