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Buried in the Star Ledger a week ago was a little article by a reporter that I would love to meet sometime, Dunstan McNichol.  In the article, Dunstan reported on a debt update at a recent news conference in Trenton.  It seems that the debt in New Jersey is up $2.2 billion this year!  This in spite of Corzine’s recent touting of a new initiative to pay down $650 million dollars of outstanding debt.

Now let me get this right, Corzine says that he is reducing the debt, but it actually goes up.  Does he know the difference between billion and million?

The article goes on to show a fantastic graph that illustrates how the debt load in New Jersey has TRIPLED in the last decade!  Let’s say that again, THE DEBT HAS TRIPLED in the last 10 years!  In other words, we use to owe $12 billion, now we owe $36 billion.  And everyone of the idiots during that time who went to Trenton, promised to reduce the debt!  Every single mother loving one of them!

In just over a year, we will have the chance in this state to toss a bunch of these idiots out.  At that time, we have to clean house, because we can no longer afford to hock the state of New Jersey!

To ALL of the idiots in Trenton, who feel that the citizens are just an ATM for all of their spending ideas, IT’S TAXES STUPID!”


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