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School districts asking kids immigration status are breaking law?

As I write this, congress is debating new laws that would require employers to certify that all employees are legally here in the US.  This would mean that private industry must enforce the laws that have been made regarding illegal immigration.  But, what about government agencies?  Well, we already know that the police cannot ask a person their immigration status, unless they have committed a grievous crime like murder, rape, etc.  Now, local government run schools cannot ask that question either.

So, now we have a situation were the public run agencies are not allowed to enforce our laws, but private industry must, or be fined for not doing so.  This is just another example of how screwed up this state is!

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Where do they get their facts from?

A small article appeared a few days ago in the Star Ledger.  The title was “Plan for wind turbines concerns Ocean County”.  In it, the following statement was made, “Ocean County could lose nearly $400 million in tourism revenue if wind turbines are placed three nautical miles off its coast, a state funded study says.” 

What!  Where do these idiots get these figures from, like $400 million?  Is someone going up and down the beach asking; “Would you come here if you can see a windmill way out in the ocean?”  And then getting an answer like;  “Hell yeah we won’t come!”  Most people can’t see anything that is three miles away anyway!  Think about the last time you where at the beach, were you looking for windmills?  Heck no!  If you are a guy, you are looking at the girls, if you are a girl, you are looking at the guys!  If you are a family, you are both looking out for the kids!  What the hell would a windmill stop anyone from going to the shore?  If you really think about it, windmills might actually attract people to the shore just to look at them!

This article and the logic behind it is just another example of how the liberals in this state can just throw out numbers without any facts or truth behind them!  And people wonder why this state is so screwed up, well the same type of people are running it in Trenton!

For all liberal idiots, both at the shore and in Trenton, “IT’S TAXES STUPID!”

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She should look in the mirror

In yesterday’s Sunday Star Ledger, Carla Katz had published an op-ed she wrote about Sarah Palin.  I will not give her the satisfaction of repeating it here, but this is the link if you wish to read this rubbish:

Normally, I would not even comment on something written by Jon Corzine’s play toy, but in this case I will make an exception.  Carla “what do I have to do for the house” Katz made reference to Sarah Palin being one of the “good ol boy’s”.  Katz tried to portray Governor Palin in a less than attractive light by pointing out how she had appointed a friend of hers to a director’s position in Alaska government.  How Governor Palin once fired a police chief when she was a mayor.  That Governor Palin, while she was mayor replaced many of the overpaid town workers with less expensive replacements.  In other words, Sarah Palin was trying to run government like a business for the benefit of the citizens!

Of course, we could use Carla Katz as an example of what I would call “the old girls club”.  Now what would that be?  Well for starters, how does one get a house she could not afford by herself?  Find a sugar daddy like Jon Corzine!  How do you get the tuition paid for your kids private school?  Find a sugar daddy like Jon Corzine!  How do you keep your union executive position and not piss off the governor of the state in which you represent the state workers union?  Backdoor emails to him!  Are you starting to get my drift here?

Actually, it is a lot easier to sum up the differences between Governor Sarah Palin, and the recently removed from her position in the union because of accusations of corruption Carla Katz.  Governor Sarah Palin is a hard working, tough as nails, hockey mom who wants to make the United States the best place on earth to live, and Carla Katz, she is a SLUT!

To Carla Katz and all of the corrupt scum in Trenton, “IT’S TAXES STUPID”!

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Why can’t the republicans in this state really fight?

Save New Jersey just posted this:

NJGOP Chairman Tom Wilson called on Governor Corzine and state Democrats today to refuse financial support for any Bergen politician standing with indicted county Chairman Joe Ferriero:

 ”Jon Corzine and Joe Cryan have made it clear they think that Joe Ferriero represents politics at its worst and should resign.  The true test of their commitment to rooting out corruption within the Democratic Party is whether their actions reflect their words.  Corzine and Cryan should make it clear to the Democratic candidates in Bergenthat there will be no financial support for a slate that supports corrupt party leadership.  Cryan and Corzine should withhold any financial support for Bernadette McPherson, David Ganz, Vernon Walton, and Diane Testa unless they join the call for Chairman Ferriero’s resignation.  Talk is cheap and Governor Corzine has certainly given us plenty of talk when it comes to politicians who abuse the taxpayers. He also had no problem doling out tens of thousands of his own dollars to support Ferriero’s corrupt machine.   It’s time to ante up Governor and put your money where your mouth is.”

Now my problem with this is real simple, “Why help the democrats”?  Let’s instead hope that Corzine continues to back this crook Ferriero.  Then let’s make the biggest uproar possible in this state.  Link Corzine, Cody, Norcross and the crew to corruption.  Hammer any and all democrats with charges of public corruption in either deed or association.  Just keep punching and kicking them when ever and where ever they are.  Let’s take the kid gloves off and really start to show the people of this state we have a better plan, better ideas and most of all, better moral values!

To all the corrupt scum in Trenton and Bergen county, “IT’S TAXES, STUPID”! 

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Can’t any democrate keep a promise?

Remember back this spring, when Rep.  Rob Andrews, (D-Haddon Heights) ran in the democratic primary for senator against Senator Frank (what’s my name) Lautenberg?  After Robby lost the primary, he said he would not be running to retain his house seat this November.  Well, he has had a change of heart and now has declared he will be running.  My question to him is, “What happened, did you find out you would have to get a real job?”

This is just another example of a democrate that cannot keep their word!  Think it is going to be any different with the rest of them?

To all the idiots in Trenton, and also Washington, DC “IT’S TAXES, STUPID!”

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Exposing the liars!

A few weeks ago, Bill (No Drill) Pascrell, another Pelosi flunky, wrote a letter to the editor of our local newspaper.  In it, he told his faithful constituents all of the great things he was doing to help them during this energy crisis.  Of course I felt that these people should know both sides and let them decide where the truth lay.  Here is my response to Billy’s letter, which was published today:

In regards to: Rep. Bill Pascrell’s letter of August 27th.

To the Editor

Community News

12-38 River Road

Fair Lawn, NJ 07410


To the Editor:


Recently you published a letter written by Rep. Bill Pascrell, Jr. (D) Eighth Congressional District of New Jersey.  In that letter, Rep. Pascrell tried to defend his and his party’s inactions to truly allow the United States of America to become independent of foreign energy supplies.  Besides reciting nothing more than the tired party platform of House Speaker Pelosi, many of his “facts” are just plain not true.


Rep. Pascrell position on off-shore drilling shows both his and the democrats lack of knowledge on this issue.  Right off the coast of southern California, in the Santa Barbara Channel, a huge oil formation is present and could be delivering “American” crude oil to the refineries in that area in less than one year!  Proven oil fields off of both coasts of Florida could be on-line in two years.  In fact, the Cubans have contracted with China to develop these fields themselves.   Why shouldn’t Americans be the beneficiary of this source of crude oil?  Drilling in ANWR, which would only require a very small footprint in the reserve, could be adding its own contribution to America’s energy needs in less than five years, using the already existing Alaskan pipeline.  These oil fields are already mapped and researched, unlike the 311 million acres that have been leased in the last few years.  Also, by drilling off-shore or in ANWR, the oil companies are not subjected to additional legal hassling by every Tom, Dick and John environmental group that wants to protect imaginary environmental problems. They can do what they do best, get oil for all Americans, while then researching supplies in these areas and developing the necessary protocols to retrieve that oil when they find it.


Over two thirds of the citizens in New Jersey want off-shore drilling now.  Is not the job of a “Representative” to represent the will of the people who have given him that job?


The argument about drawing from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve defeats the very purpose of the reserve, which was to be able to supply up to 90 days of oil if crude oil supplies were cut off from foreign sources.  This supply would allow the country to defend itself, while insuring that its citizens would not freeze, and the economy would not grind to a halt.  It never was intended to be used for election year pandering.


Using arguments like “increased automobile fuel economy standards” only transfers the problem from congress to an already depressed domestic auto manufacturing sector.   Also conveniently left out of Rep. Pascrell’s arguments is that of very small (fuel efficient) automobiles survivability while traveling  the interstate highway system with the ever larger and heavier trucks that currently populate them.


The last paragraph of Rep. Pacrell’s letter just has to be rearranged to show what the elected representatives of this country are currently doing; America is in the middle of a serious energy emergency that is being used by opportunistic political entities to advance individual agendas.  Political gimmickry and partisan politics are now being used for personal gain at the expense of the American public.


Instead of condescending statements like this; “I will continue working in Congress to harness America’s innovative spirit and forge an energy future with the best interest of this nation’ economy and environment in mind”, as a harbinger to the November elections, maybe he should start to listen to the simple, practical solutions that the citizens of both his district and his state have already reached, Drill Here, Drill Now!


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