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School districts asking kids immigration status are breaking law?

As I write this, congress is debating new laws that would require employers to certify that all employees are legally here in the US.  This would mean that private industry must enforce the laws that have been made regarding illegal immigration.  But, what about government agencies?  Well, we already know that the police cannot ask a person their immigration status, unless they have committed a grievous crime like murder, rape, etc.  Now, local government run schools cannot ask that question either.

So, now we have a situation were the public run agencies are not allowed to enforce our laws, but private industry must, or be fined for not doing so.  This is just another example of how screwed up this state is!

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Where do they get their facts from?

A small article appeared a few days ago in the Star Ledger.  The title was “Plan for wind turbines concerns Ocean County”.  In it, the following statement was made, “Ocean County could lose nearly $400 million in tourism revenue if wind turbines are placed three nautical miles off its coast, a state funded study says.” 

What!  Where do these idiots get these figures from, like $400 million?  Is someone going up and down the beach asking; “Would you come here if you can see a windmill way out in the ocean?”  And then getting an answer like;  “Hell yeah we won’t come!”  Most people can’t see anything that is three miles away anyway!  Think about the last time you where at the beach, were you looking for windmills?  Heck no!  If you are a guy, you are looking at the girls, if you are a girl, you are looking at the guys!  If you are a family, you are both looking out for the kids!  What the hell would a windmill stop anyone from going to the shore?  If you really think about it, windmills might actually attract people to the shore just to look at them!

This article and the logic behind it is just another example of how the liberals in this state can just throw out numbers without any facts or truth behind them!  And people wonder why this state is so screwed up, well the same type of people are running it in Trenton!

For all liberal idiots, both at the shore and in Trenton, “IT’S TAXES STUPID!”

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