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Chris Christie and New Jersey, not right for each other!

The leadership of the republican party of New Jersey are tripping over themselves trying to get Chris Christie to run for Governor next November.  This would be the greatest mistake they could possiblely make!  The reasons are simple and should be clear to anyone, but let’s take a look at them.

Christie is a lawyer, plain and simple.  He really has no experience governing or running anything.  Please do not give me the logic that he ran the federal prosecutor’s office in New Jersey, since a dead person could run it.  And his short career as a freeholder produced nothing at all.  The last thing this state needs is another lawyer in Trenton.  We have to get it through all of our heads that more laws and lawyers is not the solution to the pressing problems that we have in this state.  What we need are less laws!   We need to line up the problems, excessive taxes, out of control spending, corrupt bureaucrats, a toxic business environment!  Then just like a bowler, we have to knock the crap out of each and everyone! 

Further to this topic, another thing we do not need is another “financier” like Governor Stupidhead!  He and his cronies on Wall Street are the reason this country is in the condition it currently is in.  Corzine and his type have proven that nothing beats pure common sense when it comes to running the economy; Spend what you have an no more! 

So if the impotent leadership of the republican party has one functioning brain cell left, they will go out and find a person who is a small business leader.  This person will be one who knows how to get the most out of employees, while watching the bottom line.  He/she will be focused on reducing the size and scope of the government in Trenton.  Costs will be cut with axes and chainsaws, not scalpels and tweezers.  And whenever costs are cut, immediately, tax rates will be slashed and those monies returned to the their rightful place, the pockets of the citizens of New Jersey.  The business climate will be changed by actually rewarding all companies for employing the citizens of New Jersey by reducing corporate taxes across the board, not just selectively.  Finally, our new Governor should show the citizens of our inner cities that he/she will not tolerate for another second the terrorist action of the gangs that infest them like parasites.  He/she will declare them for what they really are, domestic terrorists and commit to the total eradication of this vermin. 

So lets see if the so called leadership of the Republican party is up for the challenge.  Can they actually get their heads out of their butt and take back this state?  Only time will tell.

For all the idiots in Trenton, we are coming to “Stomp You Out” in November, but just remember, “IT’S TAXES, STUPID!”


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