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New Jersey number one again!

An article in the Wall Street on Monday discussed property tax rates.  In the article, was a small chart that listed the states with the highest property taxes as a share of income.  Guess which state was number one?  Give up?  Well, once again the State of New Jersey leads the nation!  With a median property tax of $6,082.00, taxes as a percentage of income are 7.1%!  Now get this, the next state on the list is New Hampshire at 6.0% ($4,390.00 median property tax).  Well, the good people of New Hampshire are almost in revolution state over this, even though they do not have any income tax, sales tax, and their total tax burden on a state level rates them as the fifth lowest in the country.  Heck, if they are mad in New Hampshire over their property taxes, the citizens of New Jersey should be ballistic at their property tax load!  It’s about time that the citizens of New Jersey start to get out the torches, get the tar nice and hot, load up on plenty of feathers and show these tax and spend idiots that we will not take it any more!

For all the idiots at every level of government in New Jersey, “IT’S TAXES, STUPID!”


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