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Lonegan for Governor, part deux.

A few days ago I came out with my support for Steve Lonegan for governor of the once great state of New Jersey.  I believe that his history of conservative governmental management proves that he is the one person who can and would change how Trenton runs.  Unfortunately, he cannot do it alone, and the present republicans in Trenton are as useful as teats on a bull. 

Steve must, if he hopes to succeed in November, run a full slate of candidates for all 80 assembly seats that are up for election.  The Republican party in New Jersey must be redirected away from the present course that the “Old Farts” in control have been steering.  Their platform of cooperation with the socialist-communists of the Democratic party has resulted in the Republicans being nothing more than “Dem-Lites.”

For all the idiots in Trenton, the cleaning up starts in November, but until then just remember, “IT’S TAXES, STUPID!”

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