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This is going to hurt

I am sure that most of you are aware that Governor Stupidhead unveiled an aggressive plan to reduce “Greenhouse Gas Emissions” in New Jersey.  It is simple, Stupidhead’s administration will tell you what type of cars you will drive, where and when development will occur and how electricity is produced.  In other words, Comrade Stupidhead will be dictating how you live your life!

But, he has not told you how much this will cost you.  Want a ballpark estimate?  A back of the napkin, round figure is a minimum of $8,000 per family of four!  Just remember, you will pay more for yourelectric power, gasoline (if he will let you have it), oil, food (it’s trucked kids), paper, coffee, etc.  Get the idea?  Every damn thing you now purchase will be jacked up in price (along with more sales tax) because of an idiot idea being passed around about carbon emissions!  Global warming is a myth and more and more of the world scientists are proclaiming just that.  But, Comrade Stupidhead does not care about that at all, because the all wise idiot knows best!

Come November, have you bags packed  Comrade Stupidhead because you are going out with the trash, but until then just remember “IT’S TAXES, STUPID!”

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  1. Bullmoose- California is the leader in the taxing of Carbon Dioxide, there are twelve other states that follow California’s environmental initiatives.

    Have you ever wondered where environmentalists get their bad ideas? Click Link:
    Where Politicians Get Their Bad Ideas

    Environmentalists were the big winners of the presidential election, Click Link:
    Environmentals Gain Power in Washington

    Comment by Steve Lee | January 14, 2009 | Reply

  2. Steve: The North East and California are neck and neck for who is the most screwed up when it comes to Carbon Taxing. The North East Enviro-nazi group held their first auction last month (New Jersey did not participate because of some procedural item)and somewhere I have the dollar figure on what a ton of carbon is going to cost. As far as following California, on many environmental issues, the corrupt state of New Jersey actually leads California is really bad ideas. One of them is bring legal action against power companys because of their emmissions, even though they are hundreds of miles away. It seems we have plenty of money for lawyers, but none to pay down our debt and give the taxpayers some relief. Just you and the other folks out there see what happens to your wallets and pocketbooks when all of the cost of this carbon crap are totaled up.

    Comment by bullmoose1952 | January 14, 2009 | Reply

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