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What a Bunch of Hypocrites

If you follow this blog, I have been ranting about the way the news media uses the term “Undocumented Immigrant” in place of the proper terminology “Illegal Alien”.  By actually lying about the true status of these illegal aliens, they hope to deceive  you into believing that these people have committed no crime by entering the United States illegally.   Now, imagine my shock when on Saturday, in both the Star Ledger and the Bergen Record, articles appeared using the term “Illegal Alien”.

In Morristown on Friday, a convicted, murdering pedophile by the name of Porfirio Jimenez was sentenced to life in prison, plus 25 years.  Want to know what his crime was?  Well, he tried to rape a 10 year old boy by the name of Walter Contreras Valenzuela.  When he couldn’t complete the act, he proceeded to beat the boy with a four-prong metal garden cultivator.  He then left the boy to die from brain swelling due to the beating.

Now, why do I mention this horrible crime?  Well the newspaper’s reported that Porfirio Jimenez an ILLEGAL ALIEN from Honduras!  Yes, the newspapers used the term ILLEGAL ALIEN to describe this piece of dog sh*t.  It even gets better, they also reported that the judge said that Jimenez had also killed a fellow soldier while serving in the Honduran military!  So that he had a history of illegal activities well before he entered this country illegally! 

Why not refer to Jimenez as the poor misunderstood “undocumented immigrant”?  Why would you change your tune now?  Worried about having to explain how an “undocumented immigrant” could rape and kill a child?  You all are nothing but a bunch of hypocrites! 

To all of you pathetic hypocritical liberals, and the hypocritical idiots in Trenton, we will be making a lot of changes in this state come November, and one of them will be removing the ILLEGAL ALIENS from New Jersey (500,000 and counting).  Until then, just remember, “IT’S TAXES, STUPID!”


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What are they teaching at Rutgers?

I had wanted to bring to your attention a recent editorial in the Star Ledger written by two professors of economis at Rutgers University.  It is titled, “Immigrants play vital role in New Jersey’s economy”.  Here is the link to the article:

Now their argument that immigrants play a vital role in this state’s economy, goes without question.  Immigrants have played a vital role in the economy of “all” of the United States.  Heck, this country was built on the efforts of immigrants.  Legal immigrants that is.  The only problem with the good professors writing is when they try and justify illegal aliens as undocumented immigrants.  In the article, they even mention that there are at least 470,000 illegal aliens in the state of New Jersey alone!

Of course they try and justify these illegal aliens as mostly people who have “overstayed” their visas, rather then sneaking across the U.S. border.  They even go so far as to use this statement, “that every undocumented immigrant is potentially documented”.  What kind of double talk is that?  Well lets try to understand this, it is OK to overstay your visa, but not to “swim” the river?  If this was so, then why would the government require a visa in the first place?  Why don’t we just say, “hey just come on in, we don’t give a crap”?

When professors at our state university start to condone illegal activity of any kind, shouldn’t we start to wonder what they are teaching our children?  Shouldn’t we demand that respect for the laws of this country be observed no matter what?  Isn’t about time we held these professors accountable for their actions?

To all of the idiot professors who think that it is alright to break the laws of this country and further go on to teach this to our children, we will not forget this.  We will demand that the other set of idiots in Trenton, do some cleaning up at the state university while they are remembering, “IT’S TAXES, STUPID!”

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