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A Question of Principles

In the past few weeks, it has once again been revealed that while he was the  United States Attorney for the District of New Jersey, Chris Christie  gave no-bid contracts to personal and business friends.   These were not just your run of the mill government contracts, but rather multimillion dollar contracts.  One of the contracts given out went to his former “boss” in the federal government, former Attorney General, John Ashcroft.  This contract was for $52 million dollars!  Another one went to an “old” friend’s law firm.  This contract was for over $3 million dollars. 

Although Ashcroft has not contributed, at least yet, to Chris Christie’s gubernatorial campaign, the “old” friend’s law firm partners have made the maximum contributions for themselves and also for their wives.  The old friend has also, along with his wife, made the maximum contribution too.  Now, because this occurred while he was working for the federal government , and the contract was given out before the contribution was made, it is not illegal under the Pay-to-Play laws.  In fact, I wish to now coin another phrase in politics though, the “Play-then-Pay” scheme.  Let me have the contract now, then later on, I will contribute to any political campaign you might enter in the future.   Sounds like the perfect way to get around the Pay-to-Play laws.

One problem I have had with the anointing of the savior, Chris Christie, by the Republican leadership in New Jersey, is the lack of insight into the man’s true feelings and principles.  Because of this, we have to dig into his past political positions and see how they compare with his more recent practises.  Well, one item jumps out like a stop light on the road of moral discipline.  Back when Chris Christie was a Morris County freeholder for two years (his only political position ever) his only real contribution was to place in effect a policy to require three bids on all county contracts, even no-bid contracts!  Since this was prior to his appointment as a U.S. Attorney for New Jersey, it shows that he flip flopped on his commitment to protect the interests of taxpayers.  if this is what he did when he was the top federal government lawman in the state.  If now  wnat to hide technical legalities to defend his actions, really calls into question his principles.  This I believe is a very disturbing look at the man who promises to “clean up Trenton”!


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