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Chris Christie, from nothing to 51 ways to fix New Jersey in less than three months.


Back in January, Chris Christie was asked what his plans, ideas and views on the multitude of problems that face New Jersey.  At that time, Chris had no answers for any of those problems.  In fact, until only two weeks ago, Chris had very little of anything to say on how he would fix New Jersey.  All he was running on was his record as a federal prosecutor and his record on corruption. 

A few things have changed for Chris in the past couple of weeks.  His reputation as a politician free of ethical problems has now been challenged.  This I will go into detail at another time, but for now it is enough to make him rethink his current campaign strategy.  What has gotten me really thinking, is how can anyone, go from no ideas, to fifty-one (51) in less than three months.  He has been campaigning very hard, especially at the card-check county conventions.  I just don’t see how he had anytime to sit down and really think these issues through.  Since, I believe that is the case, let’s take a look at each one over the next posts:

  1. I will change the way our state budgets its dollars by building our budget upward. I will first determine how much money we have, then determine our most important priorities, and then fund those top priorities. Less critical programs will have to wait.   Well, nothing new here!  Every other person who has run for or been elected has promised to do this.  Of course, Christie has no experience in governmental budgets, so I just don’t believe he is capable of keeping this promise since he has not record of doing it in the past.
  2. I will stop the instant renewals of ineffective programs by ending the practice of providing automatic incremental budget increases across the board, or requiring across-the-board cuts in programs. Across the board increases and cuts are an inefficient method of deciding what programs deserve increases, decreases or funding at all. Wow, what a promise this is, but it sure is long, how about we take a shot at shorting it first.  In short, good programs would get more money, bad programs would get less or none, effectively killing them.  So, another promise like any other candidate who has run before.  Only problem is, never has done anything like this before.  Well, promises are cheap, accomplishments are what really counts.
  3. I will insist that every spending program be placed on the table for discussion come budget time before it is funded. Golly gee, I hate to tell Christie this, but this is how all New Jersey budgets are made.  The Governor makes the original budget, than the Assembly and Senate, add, subtract, add, subtract, but in the end, manly add.  I guess he can keep this promise, since it already is being done.
  4. I will make full use of my veto pen – the absolute veto, conditional veto, and line-item veto – to shape legislative and budget policy.  I guess like any child who would have new toys, he would like to use these veto powers.  The problem I again see, is that he has never used anything like this before.  Well, one can only hope that he would use them when he got to Trenton.
  5.  I will rely only on recurring revenue to balance our state budget, not one-shot gimmicks like federal stimulus aid or other revenue unlikely to recur in future years.  Now, this sounds pretty good, except for one thing, he does not include borrowing to balance the budget, like previous governors have done, in-spite of the fact the constitution of the State of New Jersey only allows borrowing with approval of the voters.  I guess he does not think that is important enough for him.
  6. I will save taxpayer dollars with an independently-elected State Auditor who will focus on annual audits of accounts and funds. Beyond the Auditor’s stricter accounting, the office will save additional tax dollars by combining the overlapping and ineffective efforts of political appointees like the State Auditor, Comptroller, State Commission of Investigation, and Inspectors General.  Now we are getting into some good stuff!  Here, he wants to create another taxpayer funded position, that will require staff, offices, outside contractors, etc.  Further, he wants to get rid of investigators, and inspectors.  Don’t you think it might be a better idea to get the people who are already being paid to do their job, rather than create a whole new bureaucracy?
  7. I will run our state government like a business by having the State Auditor conduct regular performance reviews on all state programs, local governments and school districts to ensure they are performing their intended purpose with respect and care for tax dollars.  What is he really saying here?  First he says he will run the state government like a business, when he has no experience at all running any type of business.  Then he goes on to say he will give that task over to another person (the new bureaucracy he created) and they will go after local governments and local school districts.  Hell, most small towns and school districts would work better with less state government, not more!
  8. I will recoup wasted taxpayer dollars by appointing a Special Prosecutor to conduct a thorough audit of government programs and will seek reimbursement of misspent funds until our State Auditor is in place.  You have to love lawyers!  No matter where they go, or what they do, they will always find something for their lawyer friends to do.  Once again, he wants to increase the size of government, without first holding accountable the people who are suppose to be doing this job!
  9. I will increase accountability in our spending practices by barring private sector companies who misspend or overspend state funds from future state contracts until they provide restitution back to the state.  If I read this right, he wants the companies that currently do business with the state, to give the state it’s monies worth.  If not, the companies would not be allowed to do further business with the state.  Damn, what a rocket scientist statement! Of course, if he already had any idea of how a company work, no purchasing agent in his right mind would ever make another purchase, or give another contract to someone who had already screwed his company.  I guess Christie does not quite understand the statement he made in item #7. Oh, by the way, there is no such thing as a public sector company Chris, unless you are including GM, Chrysler, AIG and such. 
  10. I will eliminate wasteful and inappropriate state purchases by appointing a “Taxpayer Advocate” in the Division of Purchase and Property to audit each and every government purchase order until our State Auditor is in place. No more $600 cellphones for state employees.  Once again, here Christie goes increasing the size of government!  He will hire a “Taxpayer Advocate” who will audit every purchase order.  Of course, the advocate will need a staff, offices, investigators, etc., etc., etc.  Let me give him one small piece of advise, and maybe save us a ton of money.  Why not promise just to fire anyone who buys $600 cellphones?  A real businessman would do that, without the need of an advocate!

Well, that is enough for this post.  Ten of the Fifty-one ways Chris Christie hopes to fix New Jersey, and the sense I get from them, is he wants to increase government, and run it like a business, in which he has not experience doing.  Well, I will get the next ten ways up soon, and maybe we can understand just what Christie is planning, I hope.

Well until next time kids, just remember, Chris Christie, and all of the idiots in Trenton, “IT’S TAXES, STUPID!”



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