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Chris Christie, from nothing to 51 ways to fix New Jersey in less than three months. (Continued again)

It’s that time to pick up where I left off and examine the 53 ways Chris Christie says are needed to fix New Jersey.  Let’s get started!

  • 21. I will further consolidate and streamline government by eliminating the position of “Chief of the Office of Economic Growth.”  Great!  Here is the first time I have heard him say he will get rid of someone!  Now we are on the way to fixing problems, except, how much money is going to be saved getting rid of one person?
  • 22. I will cut New Jersey’s income taxes across the board for all taxpayers. Our tax rates are oppressive and are driving residents out of state. No more.   Damn, he was on a roll with the last idea, and now he once again reverts to form.  He can’t cut income taxes, without cutting spending.  The only way he can cut spending is by eliminating programs, divisions, state employees and services.  All of these will have to be committed to by the assembly and the senate.  Once again, Christie is promising something he cannot deliver.
  • 23. I will encourage investment and expansion of New Jersey-based small businesses by offering an additional income tax cut for those who derive business income from New Jersey-based small businesses.  OK, let me get this right, if you make some income in New Jersey from a small business, I will cut your income tax?  Have I got that right?  If so, how about large business?  How about any business in New Jersey.  This idea would only reward a small companies, and only if they were a sub-chapter “S”, LLC, LLP, etc. in which the revenues flow directly to the owners.  It all sounds good, but again, it must be matched with reduced spending.
  • 24. I will reduce the corporate business tax rate to give New Jersey businesses a competitive advantage. With our tax rates among the highest of our neighboring states, reducing the corporate business tax rate will create a better business climate with which to attract private sector investment to New Jersey.  OK, now he is talking!  But why just reduce the corporate business tax?  Instead, junk the damn thing!  Just for a refresher course Chris, “companies do not pay taxes, people pay taxes”.  “Companies only collect taxes, whether they are sales, corporate, etc.”.   If companies did not have to pay a corporate tax, they would be able to lower their prices for the products they make.  This would make them more competitive in the world market place.  But, there still has to be major spending cuts make to even reduce the corporate tax.  I just wanted to remind him of that.
  • 25. I will eliminate the “double-taxation” on New Jersey’s S-Corporations for the 80,000 taxpayers currently paying the corporation “minimum” tax, putting our state in line with the other 47 states and federal government which have implemented this policy.  This would be very nice for those people who would effected by it, but just remember though, you have to cut a certain amount of government spending to be able to do this!
  • 26. I will eliminate the hidden “investment tax” on New Jersey-based businesses which acts as a penalty for businesses for being based in New Jersey. Instead of being taxed for only the amount of sales in New Jersey, the “investment tax” also factors in the level of investment (i.e., real estate, payroll, etc.) a company has in New Jersey. I will immediately reverse this.  I think Chris better review who makes the laws in New Jersey.  If he would do that, he will see that the assembly and the senate in Trenton make the laws, including the tax laws!  He can’t immediately reverse this or anything like it!  Nice try Christie, but come on, tell us about the things you could actually do.
  • 27. I will help New Jersey’s small businesses lower health insurance costs by allowing the purchase of health insurance policies from out-of-state insurance companies that offer better rates or better coverage. More competition and more consumer choice will lower costs.  Come on Chris, this is another bold promise, that will require both the assembly and the senate to agree to!  Since only the assembly is up for election this year, do you really expect the senate to pass something like this, even if the republicans gain control of the assembly?  Once again, nice promise, but really no way to get it done.
  • 28. I will help more New Jerseyans afford health insurance by permitting insurance companies to offer “mandate-free” policies. These policies might better fit the needs of some consumers who may not need extravagant benefits, such as young or single consumers.  This is one thing you might actually be able to deliver on!  Since a governor would have direct control over the “The Department of Banking and Insurance” you might be able to direct them to offer this type of  coverage.  Good going Chris!  This is one promise you might be able to keep!
  • 29. I will reduce the cost of health insurance for small businesses by allowing national trade associations and membership organizations that have health plans to market to their New Jersey members.  Again, he might be able to deliver on this promise!  If he can get “The Department of Banking and Insurance” to allow these trade associations and membership organizations to market their health plans here, it could work.  Hey Chris, it looks like you might have two ways that would actually work to fix New Jersey!
  • 30. I will provide relief from our state’s overbearing regulations – restoring balance and fairness – by creating a permanent “Red Tape Review Group.” The “Red Tape Review Group” will bring both elected branches of government together in a bi-partisan fashion to perform a top-to-bottom overhaul of New Jersey’s Administrative Code.  Just when Chris was on a roll, he is back to his old fixes, adding more government.  Now he wants to create the “Red Tape Review Group”!  This will be more government people on the payroll, more pension payments, more staff, more of everything!  Oh Chris, why go back to the old ways of more government?

We have gotten through 30 of the 53 ways Chris Christie says will fix New Jersey.  I thought things were looking up there for a moment, when we found two ways that he actually might have been able to pull off.  But, he did revert right back to the bigger government approach, so it seems he is still looking at expanding government to cure the problem of big government.  Now, that just does not sound right!

To Chris Christie, and all of the idiots in Trenton, no matter how many ways you all have, it still comes down to; “IT’S TAXES, STUPID”!



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