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Chris Christie, from nothing to 51 ways to fix New Jersey in less than three months. (Continued once again)

Well, we are more than half way through looking at Chris Christie’s 51 ways to fix New Jersey.  Looking at the first 30, we have not found much that he could actually do, but maybe in the last 21 we can find a few winners.  So, let’s get going:

  • 31. I will review all current regulations and rescind rules that do not have a sound scientific or other technical basis, are not consistent with other state policy goals or legislative intent, or don’t effectively protect and promote the public interest (including the urgent need for economic development and private-sector job creation).  Now this sounds like something he could actually do.  If an agency or department issues a regulation, the governor can override it.  The one problem I have with this item though, is he does not offer one example of a regulation that he would rescind on the first day he was in office.  I find that he can not offer one single item that he would deep six, is just more proof that he has not really studied the problems that are destroying New Jersey.
  • 32. I will implement an immediate freeze on proposed new agency rules and regulations (except those deemed necessary for public emergency), until the Red Tape Review Group completes its review.  Again, this sounds impressive, except what would he freeze?  And again, is he that unfamiliar with New Jersey and it’s problems that he cannot himself determine what rules and regulations should be implemented?  Why does he need to set up another group that will cost the taxpayers additional money?  Once again, it seems that he is speaking out of both side of his mouth, one create big government, while saying he will reduce government.
  • 33. I will ensure rules and regulations are scientifically soundby establishing rule-making scientific advisory committees (where appropriate) to evaluate the underlying science in DEP or other departmental rule proposals.  What?  Isn’t this what he just said in both 31 and 32?  Plus, he wants to set up still more committees and the taxpayers expense!  Once again, double talk and more big government.
  • 34. I will eliminate all current inadequate and unsupported rule impact statements. Impact statements will be strengthened, more detailed and with widely accepted supporting expert analysis. New rule impact statements will require more meaningful and accurate cost/benefit analysis.  Again, he seems to repeating exactly what he has said he would do in 31, 32 and 33.  What is going to base rescinding rules in 31 one, non-accurate cost/benefit analysis?  Shouldn’t all rules and regulations be based on impact statements?  Chris seems to be repeating himself  the past few fixes.
  • 35. I will ensure proposed rules are serving an actual and critical public need by making sure each contains a true “risk analysis” supported by real data.  Once again, Christie is repeating what he has already said.  Here he is going to base rules on “risk analysis” and real data.  Well, may I ask, what was he going to ensure that the previous rules where decided on, false data?
  • 36. I will promote transparency in the process of creating new rules and policy by not adopting any proposed rules until all implementing policy procedures and documents (such as technical manuals and forms) are in place and are available for inspection and public comment and input.  OK, this does sound good, but I have to ask this question, will the procedures and documents be the ones based on real data or on the false data?  Will we see the opinions of the Red Tape Review Group (and who they are)?  Are the recommendations of the scientific committee going to published in full (along with the member’s names)?   Finally, when he says we will have public comment and input, how will this be implemented?  Will it be actual, open meetings, or just rubber-stamped hearings?
  • 37. I will remove the incentive for regulatory agencies to charge excessive or unnecessary fees by eliminating agency funding from fees or fines. Agencies will no longer rely on fees and fines for their own funding, removing their built-in incentive to over-regulate and over-charge.  So, where are the fees and fines going to go?  Into the general fund?  If so, then all of the fees and fines become just another tax.  The best example of this policy currently in effect is that of hunting and fishing licenses.  All of the these fees go right to the general fund, even though the proceeds of those licenses was always suppose to go for enhancement of the fishing and hunting experience.  This is just another example of how he will create bigger government by disguising fees and fines from what they really are, TAXES!
  • 38. I will restore fairness and common-sense to our state’s legal liability policies by making it more difficult for out-of-state plaintiffs to sue in New Jersey courts.  Wow, I love how Christie promises things he cannot possibly deliver on.  How can he make it more difficult for out-of-state plaintiffs to sue in New Jersey.  Why can’t he tell us how he plans to do this?  I think I know why.  This is just another example of his making promises he cannot keep.  The ones who might be able to do this are the assembly/senate and a radical change in the judges that now populate the court system.  The governor of New Jersey cannot do anything about this.  Sorry Chris, another false promise.
  • 39. I will end the abuse and manipulation of New Jersey’s civil justice system by preventing the admission of flimsy and dubious testimony offered by expert witnesses.  Wow, talk about a pure lie!  The person who allows testimony in a trial is the judge!  Was Chris sleeping through that course at law school?  I really can’t believe he would even try to get this fix past anyone, let alone educated voters. 
  • 40. I will make our state more affordable for consumers and businesses by making it more difficult to file class action lawsuits for frivolous reasons.  Once again, how?  Come on Chris, tell us how you can do this?  The court system in New Jersey decides what cases will be heard, not the governor! 

Well guys, that takes care of another 10 of Chris Christies ways to fix New Jersey.  The only problem is, he might only be able to keep one, maybe two, since most of them are either repeats of another, or just plain impossible for a governor to do.  I do hope when we take a look at the last eleven ways, we can find some promises he can keep.  In the meantime, think about this, “Why can he not give us a few examples of regulations he would rescind”?  “Why can’t he tell us exactly how he will change rules that are now in place”?  I don’t know about you, but without real details on he can do these things, I can’t help feel that he is hiding things from us.



Hey Chris, how about telling us exactly how you will keep some of these promises.  In the meantime, just remember; “IT’S TAXES, STUPID”!

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