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Chris Christie, from nothing to 51 ways to fix New Jersey in less than three months. (Continued once again)

Well, we are more than half way through looking at Chris Christie’s 51 ways to fix New Jersey.  Looking at the first 30, we have not found much that he could actually do, but maybe in the last 21 we can find a few winners.  So, let’s get going:

  • 31. I will review all current regulations and rescind rules that do not have a sound scientific or other technical basis, are not consistent with other state policy goals or legislative intent, or don’t effectively protect and promote the public interest (including the urgent need for economic development and private-sector job creation).  Now this sounds like something he could actually do.  If an agency or department issues a regulation, the governor can override it.  The one problem I have with this item though, is he does not offer one example of a regulation that he would rescind on the first day he was in office.  I find that he can not offer one single item that he would deep six, is just more proof that he has not really studied the problems that are destroying New Jersey.
  • 32. I will implement an immediate freeze on proposed new agency rules and regulations (except those deemed necessary for public emergency), until the Red Tape Review Group completes its review.  Again, this sounds impressive, except what would he freeze?  And again, is he that unfamiliar with New Jersey and it’s problems that he cannot himself determine what rules and regulations should be implemented?  Why does he need to set up another group that will cost the taxpayers additional money?  Once again, it seems that he is speaking out of both side of his mouth, one create big government, while saying he will reduce government.
  • 33. I will ensure rules and regulations are scientifically soundby establishing rule-making scientific advisory committees (where appropriate) to evaluate the underlying science in DEP or other departmental rule proposals.  What?  Isn’t this what he just said in both 31 and 32?  Plus, he wants to set up still more committees and the taxpayers expense!  Once again, double talk and more big government.
  • 34. I will eliminate all current inadequate and unsupported rule impact statements. Impact statements will be strengthened, more detailed and with widely accepted supporting expert analysis. New rule impact statements will require more meaningful and accurate cost/benefit analysis.  Again, he seems to repeating exactly what he has said he would do in 31, 32 and 33.  What is going to base rescinding rules in 31 one, non-accurate cost/benefit analysis?  Shouldn’t all rules and regulations be based on impact statements?  Chris seems to be repeating himself  the past few fixes.
  • 35. I will ensure proposed rules are serving an actual and critical public need by making sure each contains a true “risk analysis” supported by real data.  Once again, Christie is repeating what he has already said.  Here he is going to base rules on “risk analysis” and real data.  Well, may I ask, what was he going to ensure that the previous rules where decided on, false data?
  • 36. I will promote transparency in the process of creating new rules and policy by not adopting any proposed rules until all implementing policy procedures and documents (such as technical manuals and forms) are in place and are available for inspection and public comment and input.  OK, this does sound good, but I have to ask this question, will the procedures and documents be the ones based on real data or on the false data?  Will we see the opinions of the Red Tape Review Group (and who they are)?  Are the recommendations of the scientific committee going to published in full (along with the member’s names)?   Finally, when he says we will have public comment and input, how will this be implemented?  Will it be actual, open meetings, or just rubber-stamped hearings?
  • 37. I will remove the incentive for regulatory agencies to charge excessive or unnecessary fees by eliminating agency funding from fees or fines. Agencies will no longer rely on fees and fines for their own funding, removing their built-in incentive to over-regulate and over-charge.  So, where are the fees and fines going to go?  Into the general fund?  If so, then all of the fees and fines become just another tax.  The best example of this policy currently in effect is that of hunting and fishing licenses.  All of the these fees go right to the general fund, even though the proceeds of those licenses was always suppose to go for enhancement of the fishing and hunting experience.  This is just another example of how he will create bigger government by disguising fees and fines from what they really are, TAXES!
  • 38. I will restore fairness and common-sense to our state’s legal liability policies by making it more difficult for out-of-state plaintiffs to sue in New Jersey courts.  Wow, I love how Christie promises things he cannot possibly deliver on.  How can he make it more difficult for out-of-state plaintiffs to sue in New Jersey.  Why can’t he tell us how he plans to do this?  I think I know why.  This is just another example of his making promises he cannot keep.  The ones who might be able to do this are the assembly/senate and a radical change in the judges that now populate the court system.  The governor of New Jersey cannot do anything about this.  Sorry Chris, another false promise.
  • 39. I will end the abuse and manipulation of New Jersey’s civil justice system by preventing the admission of flimsy and dubious testimony offered by expert witnesses.  Wow, talk about a pure lie!  The person who allows testimony in a trial is the judge!  Was Chris sleeping through that course at law school?  I really can’t believe he would even try to get this fix past anyone, let alone educated voters. 
  • 40. I will make our state more affordable for consumers and businesses by making it more difficult to file class action lawsuits for frivolous reasons.  Once again, how?  Come on Chris, tell us how you can do this?  The court system in New Jersey decides what cases will be heard, not the governor! 

Well guys, that takes care of another 10 of Chris Christies ways to fix New Jersey.  The only problem is, he might only be able to keep one, maybe two, since most of them are either repeats of another, or just plain impossible for a governor to do.  I do hope when we take a look at the last eleven ways, we can find some promises he can keep.  In the meantime, think about this, “Why can he not give us a few examples of regulations he would rescind”?  “Why can’t he tell us exactly how he will change rules that are now in place”?  I don’t know about you, but without real details on he can do these things, I can’t help feel that he is hiding things from us.



Hey Chris, how about telling us exactly how you will keep some of these promises.  In the meantime, just remember; “IT’S TAXES, STUPID”!

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Chris Christie, from nothing to 51 ways to fix New Jersey in less than three months. (Continued again)

It’s that time to pick up where I left off and examine the 53 ways Chris Christie says are needed to fix New Jersey.  Let’s get started!

  • 21. I will further consolidate and streamline government by eliminating the position of “Chief of the Office of Economic Growth.”  Great!  Here is the first time I have heard him say he will get rid of someone!  Now we are on the way to fixing problems, except, how much money is going to be saved getting rid of one person?
  • 22. I will cut New Jersey’s income taxes across the board for all taxpayers. Our tax rates are oppressive and are driving residents out of state. No more.   Damn, he was on a roll with the last idea, and now he once again reverts to form.  He can’t cut income taxes, without cutting spending.  The only way he can cut spending is by eliminating programs, divisions, state employees and services.  All of these will have to be committed to by the assembly and the senate.  Once again, Christie is promising something he cannot deliver.
  • 23. I will encourage investment and expansion of New Jersey-based small businesses by offering an additional income tax cut for those who derive business income from New Jersey-based small businesses.  OK, let me get this right, if you make some income in New Jersey from a small business, I will cut your income tax?  Have I got that right?  If so, how about large business?  How about any business in New Jersey.  This idea would only reward a small companies, and only if they were a sub-chapter “S”, LLC, LLP, etc. in which the revenues flow directly to the owners.  It all sounds good, but again, it must be matched with reduced spending.
  • 24. I will reduce the corporate business tax rate to give New Jersey businesses a competitive advantage. With our tax rates among the highest of our neighboring states, reducing the corporate business tax rate will create a better business climate with which to attract private sector investment to New Jersey.  OK, now he is talking!  But why just reduce the corporate business tax?  Instead, junk the damn thing!  Just for a refresher course Chris, “companies do not pay taxes, people pay taxes”.  “Companies only collect taxes, whether they are sales, corporate, etc.”.   If companies did not have to pay a corporate tax, they would be able to lower their prices for the products they make.  This would make them more competitive in the world market place.  But, there still has to be major spending cuts make to even reduce the corporate tax.  I just wanted to remind him of that.
  • 25. I will eliminate the “double-taxation” on New Jersey’s S-Corporations for the 80,000 taxpayers currently paying the corporation “minimum” tax, putting our state in line with the other 47 states and federal government which have implemented this policy.  This would be very nice for those people who would effected by it, but just remember though, you have to cut a certain amount of government spending to be able to do this!
  • 26. I will eliminate the hidden “investment tax” on New Jersey-based businesses which acts as a penalty for businesses for being based in New Jersey. Instead of being taxed for only the amount of sales in New Jersey, the “investment tax” also factors in the level of investment (i.e., real estate, payroll, etc.) a company has in New Jersey. I will immediately reverse this.  I think Chris better review who makes the laws in New Jersey.  If he would do that, he will see that the assembly and the senate in Trenton make the laws, including the tax laws!  He can’t immediately reverse this or anything like it!  Nice try Christie, but come on, tell us about the things you could actually do.
  • 27. I will help New Jersey’s small businesses lower health insurance costs by allowing the purchase of health insurance policies from out-of-state insurance companies that offer better rates or better coverage. More competition and more consumer choice will lower costs.  Come on Chris, this is another bold promise, that will require both the assembly and the senate to agree to!  Since only the assembly is up for election this year, do you really expect the senate to pass something like this, even if the republicans gain control of the assembly?  Once again, nice promise, but really no way to get it done.
  • 28. I will help more New Jerseyans afford health insurance by permitting insurance companies to offer “mandate-free” policies. These policies might better fit the needs of some consumers who may not need extravagant benefits, such as young or single consumers.  This is one thing you might actually be able to deliver on!  Since a governor would have direct control over the “The Department of Banking and Insurance” you might be able to direct them to offer this type of  coverage.  Good going Chris!  This is one promise you might be able to keep!
  • 29. I will reduce the cost of health insurance for small businesses by allowing national trade associations and membership organizations that have health plans to market to their New Jersey members.  Again, he might be able to deliver on this promise!  If he can get “The Department of Banking and Insurance” to allow these trade associations and membership organizations to market their health plans here, it could work.  Hey Chris, it looks like you might have two ways that would actually work to fix New Jersey!
  • 30. I will provide relief from our state’s overbearing regulations – restoring balance and fairness – by creating a permanent “Red Tape Review Group.” The “Red Tape Review Group” will bring both elected branches of government together in a bi-partisan fashion to perform a top-to-bottom overhaul of New Jersey’s Administrative Code.  Just when Chris was on a roll, he is back to his old fixes, adding more government.  Now he wants to create the “Red Tape Review Group”!  This will be more government people on the payroll, more pension payments, more staff, more of everything!  Oh Chris, why go back to the old ways of more government?

We have gotten through 30 of the 53 ways Chris Christie says will fix New Jersey.  I thought things were looking up there for a moment, when we found two ways that he actually might have been able to pull off.  But, he did revert right back to the bigger government approach, so it seems he is still looking at expanding government to cure the problem of big government.  Now, that just does not sound right!

To Chris Christie, and all of the idiots in Trenton, no matter how many ways you all have, it still comes down to; “IT’S TAXES, STUPID”!


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Update on School Prayer in New Jersey

Talk about a bunch of gutless wonders!  The United States Supreme Court latest decision not to hear the case of the football coach, at a New Jersey High School, who just wanted a moment of silent reflection before a game shows just how far to the left this country has turned!   What are these idiots thinking about?

Just last week we learned that the Wayne, New Jersey public school system has made special arrangements so Muslim children can interrupt class time and pray in school.  Of course no special arrangements have been for Catholic children.  Jewish children have not been given any special place to pray.  The Baptistchildren will just have to suck it up and not pray.  Protestant kids, not a chance at prayer.  Nope, just the Muslim children.

So here are the new rules for praying in the state of New Jersey.  If you are a coach of a sports team, you better not be found bowing your head to ask that the children under your leadership not be hurt while participating in athletic competition.   No matter what sport you are coaching, what values you are teaching or the spirit of achievement you are trying to instill into the youth under your tutelage will make no difference to us.  Just make sure you are not praying!

Of course, we do have a slightly different set of rules for the Muslim coaches.  If you are the coach of the local Al-Qaeda youth suicide squad, you can pray.  You can pray that your young bombers will kill as many of the infidels as possible.  You can pray that the result of these bombings will be the death of many woman and children.  You can pray that your “athletes” will be rewarded with their 72 virgins.  You can pray that your efforts will result in the extermination of all Jewish people. 

To all of the idiots in Trenton, why can’t at least one of you stand up and be heard on this issue?  Don’t one of you have a set of balls?  Well, just remember, come November, we are going to get rid of you cowards, but until then, don’t forget, “IT’S TAXES, STUPID!”

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A True Judas, Mike Halfacre

Mayor Mike Halfacre of Fair Haven, NJ, a small piss ant community in Monmouth County, today came out and endorsed Chris “Cupcake” Christie for the Republican nominationfor governor.  This in spite of his claim to be a Steve Lonegan supporter.  His excuse is that Steve is not “electable”.  Most likely this change of position has more to do with his rumored run for the US House of Representatives in 2010, than any true belief that the Cupcake is deserving of the nomination.  The following is my response to Halfacre’s endorsement statement:


Mike Halfacre, paraphrasing a line made famous by Lloyd Bentsen, “I knew Ronald Reagan, and sir, Chris Christie is no Ronald Reagan”.  Ronald Reagan was a man of principle, which you have proven, in this statement to be devoid of.  Conservatives might disagree on execution, but never do they compromise on principle.


Let’s set a few facts straight, the Republican Party in New Jerseyis infested with RINOs.  One only has to look at the past three republican governors of this state to see what the leadership of the party considers “worthy” candidates.  But, when the first time in forty (40) year the party could have tried to elect a true conservative, we saw exactly how the leadership of the party responded in 2001.  Rather than closing around and devoting all possible resources to insuring the election of Bret D. Schundler, the leadership chooses to take their ball and go home.  What an outstanding example of “rallying the party”.


Chris Christie’s positions in 1994 very much have to be considered in determining if he is worthy of being the candidate for governor, of the Republican Party.  What should we judge his character on sir?  His history of be a candidate in this state is in the time period of 1994 in which case his party affiliation was one of convenience not principle. Judging him based on his past history, instead of trying to compare him to Ronald Reagan, a comparison to New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg would be more appropriate.


A fair amount of your endorsement statement covers the “positions” that Chris Christie has taken on the issues.  The common word on all of the issues is promise.  Sir, my I ask a question, where is the word accomplished? Except for his accomplishments in the area of corruption, he does not have any accomplishments in the areas you mention.


In the one area that he has accomplishments, corruption, he is a very qualified prosecutor, but sir, how does this qualify him for governor?  Unless he plans to directly control the Office of the Attorney General of the state, it does not really matter. As far as crime fighting, since he was a federal prosecutor, we have to evaluate his enforcement of the laws at a federal level.  Let’s start with illegal immigration.  Christie had one of the poorest records on prosecution of illegal immigrants; between 2002 and 2007, Mr. Christie’s office caught and deported all of 13 illegal immigrants.  This record can only be called abysmal.  In a state where it has been conservatively estimated that 500,000 illegal immigrants reside (6% of the current population of the state), he could only find 13?   In a state were we have cities declaring that they are “sanctuary” cities.     


How about his record on the civil rights?  How about his record on the first amendment?  How about defending citizens who are peacefully protesting their governments’ proposals as the constitution of this great country guarantees?  I think you know where I am heading with this, so I will go no further except to say Christie’s silence spoke volumes on the subject.


One thing that a person can never have enough of sir is principles.  Once one starts to compromise on them, one will always find it very easy to just say; “Just this one time”.  Soon this attitude becomes, “we had to do it this way”.  Finally we wind up with the classic, “it was all we could do”.  No, this is why one can never steer from the true path of ones convictions.  The argument that “it is the reality of winning elections” is not just lame, but shows how the Republican Party is not raising to the challenge of this election in the belief it can offer the citizens a better government, but lowering itself to the level of the opposition in the hopes it can at least meet the mediocrity of the Democratic Party.  What a sorry excuse for favoring one candidate over another.


Steve Lonegan has been the only voice in the New Jersey Republican Party that has over the last eight years maintained the high principles of conservative reason that Ronald Reagan and Barry Goldwater held so dear.  He never compromised on those principles in his many confrontations with those politicians who wished to impose their “ideals” on the citizens of this state.  It was also very convenient for most of the elected leadership of the Republican Party in the state to coattail themselves to his leadership.  His victories against the current governor of this state reflect the fact that people will back him.  This is obviously a fact that both you and leadership of the party have either overlooked or are afraid of.  The old, “damn he was right, and we were wrong”!


In conclusion, winning with Chris Christie will not be winning; it will be nothing more than another compromise.  As far as you being a “Lonegan Shill”, don’t worry about it, we won’t pin that label on you anymore, promise.  Of course, in reflection, the name Judas does have a nice ring.

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Should Muslims Be Allowed To Pray In Public Schools?

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What, the only religion that can pray in public schools are Muslims!

You want mad, now I am really mad! Check this out, the only people who can pray in school now are Muslims! Read this about Wayne, NJ:WAYNE — Four students knelt on a classroom floor during lunch at the Albert Payson Terhune Elementary School today and performed the afternoon Muslim prayer ritual.
It was the first time the students had prayed in the school during school hours. And it may end a controversy over what arrangement the district should make to ensure the children’s constitutionally protected right to exercise their religion during school hours.


School parent Rola Awwad has been seeking a private place for her 10-year-old son, Adam, to pray in school since the fall. The district offered to let him pray at recess — either outside or in classroom while his classmates are there. At first, Awwad called the offer “unacceptable,” and the situation attracted attention from Muslim advocates who suggested bringing the issue to the state for resolution.

But Adam decided on his own to pray at lunch, Awwad said. He joined three friends today in a classroom with other students present. They performed the ritual in the back of a room.

“If it continues like this, it will be very nice,’’ Awwad said.

She said her 7-year-old daughter, Amana, also prayed in her second grade class, and she thanked the teacher for the arrangement.

Her son had worried other students would make fun of him if they watched him pray, but schools Superintendent John Sico Jr. assured her the district wouldn’t let that happen. As the students prayed, classmates played games, he said.

Sico said he consulted the Imam of the Islamic Center of Passaic County and felt he received support for his position.

Imam Mohammad Qatanani told The Record he had had a good talk with Sico and will meet with Mrs. Awwad today “to understand the issue from her side more.”

“As far as I am concerned the issue is resolved,’’ Sico said. “We did the right thing. The kids did the right thing. No one was making fun.’’

Afsheen Shamsi, spokeswoman for the Council on American Islamic Relations, which has intervened with the district on Awwad’s behalf said the accommodation was a correct step.

“It’s a question of finding the right balance and making sure the student is comfortable and the district is comfortable,’’ she said.

She said CAIR had considered bringing the issue before the state Board of Education. But Awwad said she wants to wait and see if the accommodation continues to work for her children.

All students are constitutionally guaranteed the right to pray during the school day as long as it doesn’t interfere with learning. Muslims pray five times a day to reaffirm their faith and submit to follow divine commandments. The prayer is said during prescribed times; in the fall, when clocks roll back at the end of daylight savings time, the afternoon prayer must be said during the school day, Awwad explained.

Federal guidelines say schools can’t prevent students from praying during school, but they can’t sponsor religious activities or lead students in prayer. For instance, those guidelines specifically mention a student’s right to quietly read the Bible during lunch. But they are not clear on what action to take when the religious expression is more demonstrative, as it is in Adam’s case….

How about the Catholic children, Jewish children, Protestant children? What, you have to be a member of religion that encourages it’s members to kill non-believers? We bend over for these people to pray while our children are denied this basic right?  Where the crap is the ACLU? What the hell is this country coming to? What a joke!

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The New School Bonds

Have you heard the latest radio ads for the   “The New Jersey Economic Development Authority, School Facilities Construction Program?”  These are the bonds that Governor Stupidhead and the other idiots in Trenton are issuing that will result in another $4 billion of debt.  But, before you run out to buy these bonds, you better read this first:

What is a New Jersey Appropriation-Backed Bond?
Appropriation-Backed bonds are issued by a New Jersey Independent Authority (for example, the New Jersey Economic Development Authority or the New Jersey Transportation Trust Fund Authority).  Appropriation-Backed bonds are used for various projects including school construction, road construction, and facilities for individuals with special needs.  Appropriation-Backed bonds are secured by payments received by the Independent Authority from the State pursuant to a contract, lease or other agreement between the State and the Independent Authority in which the State agrees to make payments equal to the debt service and other costs relating to the bonds. However, such payments are subject to appropriation from time to time by the New Jersey State Legislature and the State Legislature has no legal obligation to make such appropriations. Appropriation-Backed bonds are not general obligations of the State.

What they are saying is that we the people of New Jersey do not have to pay them back!  Now considering how much debt we have incurred lately in this state, the prospect of actually defaulting could be pretty high. 

For all of the idiots in Trenton, bankruptcy is not out of the question in this state, but until we can clean house and get our accounts back in order next November, just remember, “IT’S TAXES, STUPID!”

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