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For awhile, I have been trying to think of ways that all levels of government in New Jersey could reduce the cost of government.  It has not been easy, but I do believe I have a solution that should greatly reduce costs.  The idea is what I call, “The Duplicity in Government Act”.  The idea is really simple, if a department, division, service or group is duplicated at any level of government, the ones that provide the least coverage are eliminated.  I will be posting some of the different groups that I fell should go over the next few weeks, so here is the first one I think we should deal with.

I live in Bergen County, New Jersey.  Bergen County, along with Union County are the only two counties with there own police departments.  Now, don’t get this confused with Sheriff’s departments, which each county has and are responsible for the county courts and jails.  No, these police departments are in addition to the Sheriff’s department.  I now I do know a fair amount about the Bergen County Police department, so I will give you some facts about them.  I am sure that the Union County department is organized along the same lines.

The Bergen County Police Department Headquarters is located in Hackensack.  It’s defined everyday responsibilities are patrolling Rts. 4 and 17.  They will on occasion set up truck checkpoints and might assist when a utility truck is working in the street, but what I have described is about all they do on a daily basis.  Now to be fair, they do have a K-9 unit and SWAT unit, but that is about it folks.

The reason I started here is because every thing they do is duplicated by another police department.  Let’s take the everyday items, patrolling the two major highways in Bergen County, truck checkpoints and utility truck protection (I will have more on this subject at a later date).  Every town that both Route 4 and Route 17 goes through has a police department.  Each town patrols them and responds to any emergencycalls.  Therefore, they are able to react quicker and with more knowledge due to their proximity to the area.  The Bergen County Police Department might react to an emergency call, but will almost always be the last one at the scene.  As far as truck checkpoints, the New Jersey State Police have mobile units, along with the Department of Motor Vehicle to carry out on the spot checkpoints.  Again, not a real reason to have the county police.  Finally, I really call into question this whole idea of having a police car and officer standing around while a utility crew is working on a pole or digging a hole.  All of these crews have cones, barriers and trucks with emergency lights, why do they also need a $100,000+ county police officer standing around?  I should have also warned you, yes, this police officers average more than $100,000 per year, along with all of the benefits like full medical, retirement after 20 years, etc.

One last thing to consider about the Bergen County Police Department, they have convinced the freeholders that they need a new headquarters.  This headquarters has been budgeted at about $60,000,000  and will located on River Road about a block away from the courthouse. 

So what am I trying to prove here?  Well, all of the “responsibilities” that the Bergen County Police Department say they have, are duplicated at other levels.  Street or highway patrol is also done, more effectively by the local town police.  Truck inspection is done by the State Police, why should Bergen County also do it?  SWAT team?  The State Police has multiple SWAT teams around the state that can respond very quickly.  K-9 police?  I don’t know about you, but to save a couple of million dollars, Fido can go.

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Why can’t the republicans in this state really fight?

Save New Jersey just posted this:

NJGOP Chairman Tom Wilson called on Governor Corzine and state Democrats today to refuse financial support for any Bergen politician standing with indicted county Chairman Joe Ferriero:

 ”Jon Corzine and Joe Cryan have made it clear they think that Joe Ferriero represents politics at its worst and should resign.  The true test of their commitment to rooting out corruption within the Democratic Party is whether their actions reflect their words.  Corzine and Cryan should make it clear to the Democratic candidates in Bergenthat there will be no financial support for a slate that supports corrupt party leadership.  Cryan and Corzine should withhold any financial support for Bernadette McPherson, David Ganz, Vernon Walton, and Diane Testa unless they join the call for Chairman Ferriero’s resignation.  Talk is cheap and Governor Corzine has certainly given us plenty of talk when it comes to politicians who abuse the taxpayers. He also had no problem doling out tens of thousands of his own dollars to support Ferriero’s corrupt machine.   It’s time to ante up Governor and put your money where your mouth is.”

Now my problem with this is real simple, “Why help the democrats”?  Let’s instead hope that Corzine continues to back this crook Ferriero.  Then let’s make the biggest uproar possible in this state.  Link Corzine, Cody, Norcross and the crew to corruption.  Hammer any and all democrats with charges of public corruption in either deed or association.  Just keep punching and kicking them when ever and where ever they are.  Let’s take the kid gloves off and really start to show the people of this state we have a better plan, better ideas and most of all, better moral values!

To all the corrupt scum in Trenton and Bergen county, “IT’S TAXES, STUPID”! 

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