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A Most Arrogant, Self-Serving Hypocrite!

What a jerk!

As most of you know, I place virtue and trust in a public official above all else.  If you screw me by lying, stealing, favoritism and nepotism, I will go out of my way to try and rip you a new one!  Well, we have a new winner in the race for the biggest asshole politic an today, namely Michael Bloomberg!

Now, why in a New Jersey blog, am I ripping this Arrogant SOB?  Well, on Tuesday, he took it upon himself to come over to New Jersey and endorse, in person, Dennis Shulman in the 5th. district.  What real gets my blood pressure up is that Michael Bloomberg is the most self-serving, arrogant hypocrite that exists in this country.  Let’s take a quick look at Bloomberg’s history.

Bloomberg was a life long democrat, but because he could not get elected as mayor of New York as a democrat, he “converted’ to the republican party so he could run to replace Rudy Giuliani.  Of course with his money and the job that Rudy had done to clean up this mess left by previous democrats, Bloomberg was a shoe-in to win.  Then, 9/11 came along, and Rudy suggested that he stay on for a few months a mayor to make sure everything kept going.  Well, if you remember, Bloomy blew a gasket at this idea, and Rudy quickly repudiated the idea, remembering that the mayor in New York City was limited to two terms consecutively.

Now fast forward seven years, and what has Bloomy done?  Well, he changed party’s again, and now he calls himself an independent.  Plus, just last week he bribed the city council in New York to go against the two prior resolutions voted on by the citizens to limit an person to two consecutive terms as mayor.  And what was the reason for this?  Well in his disjointed mind, he is the only person who can “guide” New York City in the current economic climate.  That has to be the most arrogant statement I have ever heard from any politic an, except for the phrase “eight years is not enough time to complete the job”!  Hell, they can all screw up the system in less than eight years!  Why give them any more time to mess it up more?

Now Bloomy has crossed the river and endorsed a democrat running against the only true believer of Ronald Reagan from New Jersey.  Bloomy is just about ready to complete the circle and become a democrat again.  What a man of integrity!  Just another idiot I have to hang on the wall of shame!

Vote for a HERO, not a Zero!

To all the idiots in Trenton, we are coming for you in 12 months, but in the meantime, “IT’S TAXES, STUPID!”

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