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My first video!

I decided it was about time I tried to make a video.  So here it is:


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More folks are starting to agree with me on Chris Christie

Back on April 4th, I wrote a post about Chris Christie and his little problem with no-bid contracts.  Well, today the Star Ledger has an editorial on the same subject.  Guess what guys?  Yup, they agreed with me, completely!  But, don’t take my word for it, read the editorial yourself:


Hey Chris, maybe you like to give out those “no bid” contracts to your friends and people who help your brother, but never forget one thing; “IT’S TAXES, STUPID”!



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Chris Christie’s Ethics Problems

It might be a good idea for you folks to check this site out.  I think it will enlighten you in regards to Chris “Mr. Clean” Christie.

Before Christie makes promises to clean up Trenton, he should look at cleaning up his own place.

Hey Chris, and all of the idiots in Trenton, it would be nice if you kept your place clean of crap like this, but until we can get a wholesale change in November, never forget, “IT’S TAXES, STUPID”!

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The Hudson River Railroad Tunnel

Thursday, it was announced that the federal government had approved giving $3 billion in federal funding to build the new Hudson River Railroad Tunnel.  Here is the link to the full story as reported in the Star Ledger:

It took me awhile to think about this, since some of the claims made did not make any sense, in light of the information that I had posted a few days ago.  At that time, the claim was made that 4,000 jobs would be created for the $8.7 billion that would be spent on this Choo-Choo tunnel.  If you did the math, each job would be created for $2,175,000.00 per job, or $310,000.00 per year over the seven year period estimated that the construction would take. Now, the claim is made that this project will create 40,000 to 50,000 jobs!  Well, lets do the math again.  If we can get 50,000 jobs, that would be $174,000.00 per job, or $24,857.00 per year of the project.  Now, that sounds great except for the fact that no construction worker in New Jersey would do the job for about 25 thousand a year.  so it seems that the 40,000 to 50,000 is just not a real figure on job creation.  Also, think about this, 50,000 is about the same amount of people who would fill Giants stadium.  Where are all of these people going to be working around this tunnel?

Another selling point being used to justify this project is the premise that 22,000 cars will be removed from the road because the drivers (and passengers) will start taking the train to work in New York City and spend their money there.  Well, if we divide 22,000 into $8.7 billion it will cost $395,455.00 per car to remove them from the roads leading to New York City.  That does not seem to be a good investment to me!  If this number is right, lets do another calculation.  If each car has one driver and three passengers, that would be four new passengers for the Choo-Choo Tunnel.  This would be about $100,000.00 per passenger cost.  Now, if the average Choo-Choo train fare was $10.00 round trip, and each person used the train 250 times per year, it would take 40 years to just obtain the fares to pay for the tunnel alone!

Give me a break, this whole Choo-Choo train tunnel idea is just one large pork-barrel project to appease the union construction workers and pay for play construction companies!  Plus, the $8.7 billion is what they want to borrow for these projects.  It does not include the interest that will have to be paid for the bonds that will be needed to actually get their hands on the money needed for this project.  Why not keep the New Jersey money, about $3 billion, and spend it to make New Jersey a more favorable place for companies to locate and create jobs here?

To Governor Stupidhead, our lunatic Senators and all of the other idiots in Washington D.C. and Trenton, “IT’S TAXES, STUPID!”

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Think about this

The problem with most of the media today is they will somehow try to hide, sugarcoat or just plain  decieve the readers.  Sometimes though one can put two and two together and see through the deceit, here is one case of that. 

Back on the 9th of this month I wrote an article about the ILLEGAL ALIENS and how Governor Stupidhead’s commission wanted to give them special driver licenses and allow them to pay “In-state” tuition rates for attending state colleges and universities.  The article that I referenced came from the Bergen Record, and in it they also proclaimed that there are 500,000 ILLEGAL ALIENS in the state right now.  Well, sometimes it takes me a little bit of time to catch up on my reading and today I was reading the business of section of the Star Ledger from the 8th of this month.  I had put it aside so I could follow up on a new product from Polaroid.  Anyway to my surprise I noticed another article under the BIZ BUZZ title, “That moving van you saw today?  It’s leaving New Jersey”.  Now kids, catch this, between “2000 and 2008 about 439,000 more people moved out of New Jersey than moved in according to James Hughes, dean of Rutgers University’s Edward J. Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy”!  And guess what the reasons were?  Give up?  Well, here they are:

  1. High Taxes
  2. Expensive Housing
  3. Retirees moving to less expensive areas

Now my question for the Governor, The Star Ledger, Bergen Record, Rutgers University and all of the rocket scientists in Trenton, “What, you needed a dean and other eggheads to figure out what every hard working citizen of New Jersey has been trying to tell you for what seems like forever, “WE ARE BEING RAPED BY YOU IDIOTS!”

For Governor Stupidhead, all of the idiots in Trenton, we are a hell of lot smarter than you, so get your bags packed because we are going to throw you out in November, but until then just remember, “IT’S TAXES, STUPID!”

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Getting rewarded for illegal activities

After 18 months and god knows how much money being spent, a Blue Ribbon Panel established by Governor Stupidhead will give it’s findings and recommendations regarding ILLEGAL ALIENS!  Now I have capitalized ILLEGAL ALIENS, because that is what they are, not “undocumented immigrants.”  Calling ILLEGAL ALIENS “undocumented immigrants”, is like calling a burglar an uninvited house guest.  It is stupid and shows the person using the expression to be an ignorant idiot.

Well, we will have to wait until Governor Stupidhead returns from Iraq, where I am sure the thought of fragging his sorry butt has crossed the minds of some of our brave citizen/solders who are protecting us all from the scum Islamic terrorists that infest the world.  Alas though, some of the recommendations that the panel will suggest be implemented have been leaked to the public, and it is enough to make one explode in anger.  Let’s take a look at a few of them.

How about a “Driving Privilege Card”?  Under New Jersey law, ILLEGAL ALIENS are forbidden from obtaining driving licenses.  The logic behind this is that an ILLEGAL ALIEN could not drive a car legally in New Jersey.  No kidding Sherlock!  Why do we have laws, if we are not going to enforce them?  Of course, these liberal bozo’s could just call any ILLEGAL ALIENS who are pulled over by the police and cannot produce a driver’s license “UNDOCUMENTED DRIVERS!”

Hey, think that is good, how about these idea, let’s give all ILLEGAL ALIENS the ability to go to any state college or university and only have to pay the in-state tuition rate!  Yes, these liberal bozos have come up with yet another way to waste our tax money.  Can you imagine this, a student who is a legal citizen of the United States from any other state would have to pay “out of state tuition”, but any person who just entered this country ILLEGALLY gets rewarded by being allowed to pay in-state tuition! 

Considering all of the budget problems we have in this state now, why are we spending money even discussing this nonsense?  Is this what we expect from our elected officials, new ways to send us to the poor house, by giving benefits to people who are here illegally?  I think not, and you should too!

To all of the clowns on the “Blue Ribbon Panel on Immigrant Policy”, we will be taking urine samples for drug testing.  For all of the idiots in Trenton, the LEGAL citizens of this are coming to replace you in November, but until then, IT’S TAXES, STUPID!”

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Lonegan for Governor

On December 1st, I had the privilege of being present when Steve Lonegan announced his candidacy for governor of New Jersey on the Republican ticket.  Steve is well known in the state for being a Reagan Republican of the highest degree.  He has never changed on his platform of minimum government and lower tax rates to insure that the citizens of New Jersey have the highest living standards possible.

Although I agree with Steve on the matter of less government and lower taxes, I do feel that one more item has to be included in his platform to insure that all of the citizens of New Jersey will benefit from his future term as governor of this state.  This last platform item which would complete a triad of issues, is namely crime and it’s effect on the urban areas of this state.  The inner cities of New Jersey are at a critical state in terms of crime and it’s impact on the residents of these areas. 

Ronald Reagan, in 1980 ran on the premise of smaller government, lower taxes and national defense.  His wisdom to confront the communists, while trying to reduce government spending and programs should serve as a blueprint for any conservative running for office in this day and age.  Steve Lonegan would be wise to look at the situation that is present in our inner cities, namely the influx of criminal gangs and the terrorist effect that they have on these areas.  He should pledge to, on day one of his administration, to declare these gangs terrorist organizations and treat them as we would treat Al-Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah or any of the other foreign terrorist scum that currently breed in this world.  These domestic terrorists should be arrested under the Patriot  Act and interned at a base like Fort Dix.  We cannot let any of the citizens of New Jersey be terrorized any place in New Jersey.  If we want to see New Jersey flourish again, we must make sure that our cities are positioned to share in the results.  By attacking and destroying this cancer known as gangs that vision can be insured.

Steve Lonegan has my total backing to be the next governor of what will again be the great State of New Jersey.  But until then, for all of the idiots in Trenton, “IT’S TAXES, STUPID!”

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She should look in the mirror

In yesterday’s Sunday Star Ledger, Carla Katz had published an op-ed she wrote about Sarah Palin.  I will not give her the satisfaction of repeating it here, but this is the link if you wish to read this rubbish:

Normally, I would not even comment on something written by Jon Corzine’s play toy, but in this case I will make an exception.  Carla “what do I have to do for the house” Katz made reference to Sarah Palin being one of the “good ol boy’s”.  Katz tried to portray Governor Palin in a less than attractive light by pointing out how she had appointed a friend of hers to a director’s position in Alaska government.  How Governor Palin once fired a police chief when she was a mayor.  That Governor Palin, while she was mayor replaced many of the overpaid town workers with less expensive replacements.  In other words, Sarah Palin was trying to run government like a business for the benefit of the citizens!

Of course, we could use Carla Katz as an example of what I would call “the old girls club”.  Now what would that be?  Well for starters, how does one get a house she could not afford by herself?  Find a sugar daddy like Jon Corzine!  How do you get the tuition paid for your kids private school?  Find a sugar daddy like Jon Corzine!  How do you keep your union executive position and not piss off the governor of the state in which you represent the state workers union?  Backdoor emails to him!  Are you starting to get my drift here?

Actually, it is a lot easier to sum up the differences between Governor Sarah Palin, and the recently removed from her position in the union because of accusations of corruption Carla Katz.  Governor Sarah Palin is a hard working, tough as nails, hockey mom who wants to make the United States the best place on earth to live, and Carla Katz, she is a SLUT!

To Carla Katz and all of the corrupt scum in Trenton, “IT’S TAXES STUPID”!

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Why can’t the republicans in this state really fight?

Save New Jersey just posted this:

NJGOP Chairman Tom Wilson called on Governor Corzine and state Democrats today to refuse financial support for any Bergen politician standing with indicted county Chairman Joe Ferriero:

 ”Jon Corzine and Joe Cryan have made it clear they think that Joe Ferriero represents politics at its worst and should resign.  The true test of their commitment to rooting out corruption within the Democratic Party is whether their actions reflect their words.  Corzine and Cryan should make it clear to the Democratic candidates in Bergenthat there will be no financial support for a slate that supports corrupt party leadership.  Cryan and Corzine should withhold any financial support for Bernadette McPherson, David Ganz, Vernon Walton, and Diane Testa unless they join the call for Chairman Ferriero’s resignation.  Talk is cheap and Governor Corzine has certainly given us plenty of talk when it comes to politicians who abuse the taxpayers. He also had no problem doling out tens of thousands of his own dollars to support Ferriero’s corrupt machine.   It’s time to ante up Governor and put your money where your mouth is.”

Now my problem with this is real simple, “Why help the democrats”?  Let’s instead hope that Corzine continues to back this crook Ferriero.  Then let’s make the biggest uproar possible in this state.  Link Corzine, Cody, Norcross and the crew to corruption.  Hammer any and all democrats with charges of public corruption in either deed or association.  Just keep punching and kicking them when ever and where ever they are.  Let’s take the kid gloves off and really start to show the people of this state we have a better plan, better ideas and most of all, better moral values!

To all the corrupt scum in Trenton and Bergen county, “IT’S TAXES, STUPID”! 

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It’s Abbott District Time Again!

Hi kids, guess what time it is again?  It’s Abbott District Time!  Yes, it time to rape the taxpayers of New Jersey again!

Remember how we had the story of the City of Passaic, and how double dipping representative Gary Schaer has gotten almost a quarter of a billion dollars for his city.  Well, let’s take a look at three other cities in New Jersey, Millville, Phillipsburg and Trenton.

The administrators of the Millville school system hoped to receive $43 million dollars to help renovate their overcrowded high school.  Guess what Jon “Santa Claus” Corzine and the rest of the clowns in Trenton are sending Millville?  Well, Millville is getting $164 million dollars!  Yes kids, Jon “Santa Claus” Corzine is giving Millville, with the help of his elf, State Senator Jeff Van Drew (D) four times the amount that Millville requested to upgrade their high school, to build a brand spanking new high school!  It sure is great to be Santa Claus when you can spend other people’s money.

Now, how about Phillipsburg?  First off, Phillipsburg has already received $12million dollars of state money for architect fees and site preparation (what did they do, design the Taj Mahal and gold plate the land?) when they ran out of money.  So this time the officials in charge of this project are really thinking this out and planning for the future.  By doing this, they have raised the calculated amount of money they need from $64million dollars in 2004 to $174 million dollars today!  Almost three times the amount of money they need to finish this project, and don’t forget, they have spent $12 million dollars already!  So the new high school in Phillipsburg will cost $186million dollars! 

Finally, we have to visit Trenton, reluctantly but we must!  In 2004, plans to spend $123 million dollars for the renovation of the Trenton Central High School were developed.  Bids went out, but the project was canceled when only one contractor submitted a bid that was $23 million too high.  The rumor that he did not grease the right palm has not been proven, yet, but is still being investigated.  Now get this kids, the new Schools Development Authority (this replaced the “evil” Schools Construction Corporation)  has approved the proposal to spend $160 million dollars!  In other words, or figures, what would have cost $146 million dollars four years ago, will now cost an additional $14 million.  What a way to save our taxpayer money!

So let’s sum this up, three high schools, two new, one renovation, equals $510 million dollars!  Over a half a billion dollars!  But remember kids, they are watching out for our tax dollars!  Yes, they are watching our tax dollars going down the old toilet of political corruption, kickbacks and Christmas tree spending!

To all of the idiots in Trenton who are watching our tax dollars fly out the window, “IT’S TAXES STUPID!”

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