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Governor Stupidhead, The Problem, Not the Cure!

This morning, Governor Stupidhead was on the Fox Morning News.  Normally I would change the channel immediately, before the urge to puke overwhelmed me, but an interesting question was posed to him.  Whoever the male newscaster was, asked Stupidhead the following “Would he, if asked to be the Treasury Secretary by Barack Hussein Obama II, accept the position?”  Stupidhead answered that he had not thought about it at all.  He further went on to example how he had much more to do in New Jersey, especially in these “difficult times.”  What an arrogant SOB!  This state cannot survive more of Stupidhead’s ideas!

Both of the newscasters were falling over in praising this idiot, things like “well, Governor, you came from wall street and can use that experience to help the state out of its current crisis.”  What the hell type of crap is that?  He is not the cure, he is the problem!  He and all of his wall street cronies caused this market meltdown.  Now all of the lib media is looking to them to cure the problem they caused?  How damn stupid can they be?

What we need to do in this state is to clean house!  We can start in two weeks with local elections.  Look at the candidates!  Ask serious questions!  Ask them if they are going to spend money that the government does not have!  Ask them if they believe borrowing and spending is better than a budget that is within the financial means of the community?  Ask them if they are willing to get the unions upset and ask for across the board cuts of 10 to 20%?  Ask them if they are willing to demand more productivity from the current government workers under their control?  Ask them if they are willing to sacrifice the personal perks that come with their elected position?  Finally, ask them the hardest question of all, “do you care more for us, the citizens who are placing their fate in your hands, or are you only interested in self-profiting from the current system of corruption, cronyism and political power figures approval?”

Vote for the Hero, not the Zero!

To all of the idiots at every level of government, “IT’S TAXES, STUPID!”

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