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Global Warming, a lawyer’s viewpoint

On Sunday I buy the Bergen Record, possibly the most liberal newspaper in the state.  I buy it for the local sports and schedule of events for the coming week, since Garfield is in Bergen county.  Then, just so I feel I get my monies worth, I read the fiction section, normally called the opinion page.  Well, one article in this section truly caught my attention, since it dealt with the subject of Global Warming.  As anyone who reads this blog knows, I am, along with an ever growing hoard of scientists convinced that this whole subject of Global Warming is nothing more than a bunch of crap.  Well, that hoard of scientists must be pretty large, because it seems that the Bergen Record could not find any true scientists to author an article on Global Warming.  In place of true experts, they have now turned to lawyers for their opinion.  Don’t believe me, well follow this link to the article:

When I read this article, the first thing I thought was what moron wrote this tripe.  That is why when I read the credentials of the authors, and I stopped rolling around the floor in a fit of laughter, I started to wonder why these professors of law would be writing this junk.  Well, not being a rocket scientist, it took me awhile, but after 10 seconds, I figured it out, the bastards are pushing this junk science in order to open the door for a whole new class of tort lawsuits, “the Greenhouse Warming Offense”.

Think about it, we could soon be seeing ads on TV asking you:

Sweating more than usual affecting your sex live?

Perspiration staining your best cloths?

People calling you a sweating pig?

Well, call the law offices of Shyster, Shyster, Pettifogger and Dufus and we will sue the crap out of everyone!  Yes, we win the big ones and of course keep our one-third of the award, and expenses and other monies so you will get at least a token and a cup of coffee out of it.

When a society turns science over to lawyers and politicians, and allows them to enact social policy based on fantasy, all of society will suffer.  This is one area of the social arena that we have to take away from these morons.  This state and country will need more and more energy from dependable sources in order to continue to provide all of our citizens a progressive lifestyle that they can afford.

To all of the idiot lawyers in New Jersey, when we take over Trenton in November, tort reform will be one of the areas that will be addressed.  But until then, you along with the other idiots in Trenton just remember, “IT’S TAXES, STUPID!”

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Global Warming Again

Over the past few days, I have written some posts that I hope show you that the question of “Global Warming” and “Greenhouse Gases” is far from being answered.  Here is another site that I urge you to check out.  It is a petition drive that has been launched by two professors in Oregon.  Right now they have over 31,000 signatures of which over 9,000have Phd’s!  The statement is pretty simple, the whole idea of Global Warming/Greenhouse Gases is junk science.

Take a moment, see the petition, see who have signed it, see what branches of the sciences they come from.  Start to really think about this problem, do you want to believe the likes of Al Gore, or real scientists?

No matter what the idiots in Trenton think about Global Warming, just remember we are coming for you in November, but until then, “IT’S TAXES, STUPID!”

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This is going to hurt

I am sure that most of you are aware that Governor Stupidhead unveiled an aggressive plan to reduce “Greenhouse Gas Emissions” in New Jersey.  It is simple, Stupidhead’s administration will tell you what type of cars you will drive, where and when development will occur and how electricity is produced.  In other words, Comrade Stupidhead will be dictating how you live your life!

But, he has not told you how much this will cost you.  Want a ballpark estimate?  A back of the napkin, round figure is a minimum of $8,000 per family of four!  Just remember, you will pay more for yourelectric power, gasoline (if he will let you have it), oil, food (it’s trucked kids), paper, coffee, etc.  Get the idea?  Every damn thing you now purchase will be jacked up in price (along with more sales tax) because of an idiot idea being passed around about carbon emissions!  Global warming is a myth and more and more of the world scientists are proclaiming just that.  But, Comrade Stupidhead does not care about that at all, because the all wise idiot knows best!

Come November, have you bags packed  Comrade Stupidhead because you are going out with the trash, but until then just remember “IT’S TAXES, STUPID!”

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Exposing the liars!

A few weeks ago, Bill (No Drill) Pascrell, another Pelosi flunky, wrote a letter to the editor of our local newspaper.  In it, he told his faithful constituents all of the great things he was doing to help them during this energy crisis.  Of course I felt that these people should know both sides and let them decide where the truth lay.  Here is my response to Billy’s letter, which was published today:

In regards to: Rep. Bill Pascrell’s letter of August 27th.

To the Editor

Community News

12-38 River Road

Fair Lawn, NJ 07410


To the Editor:


Recently you published a letter written by Rep. Bill Pascrell, Jr. (D) Eighth Congressional District of New Jersey.  In that letter, Rep. Pascrell tried to defend his and his party’s inactions to truly allow the United States of America to become independent of foreign energy supplies.  Besides reciting nothing more than the tired party platform of House Speaker Pelosi, many of his “facts” are just plain not true.


Rep. Pascrell position on off-shore drilling shows both his and the democrats lack of knowledge on this issue.  Right off the coast of southern California, in the Santa Barbara Channel, a huge oil formation is present and could be delivering “American” crude oil to the refineries in that area in less than one year!  Proven oil fields off of both coasts of Florida could be on-line in two years.  In fact, the Cubans have contracted with China to develop these fields themselves.   Why shouldn’t Americans be the beneficiary of this source of crude oil?  Drilling in ANWR, which would only require a very small footprint in the reserve, could be adding its own contribution to America’s energy needs in less than five years, using the already existing Alaskan pipeline.  These oil fields are already mapped and researched, unlike the 311 million acres that have been leased in the last few years.  Also, by drilling off-shore or in ANWR, the oil companies are not subjected to additional legal hassling by every Tom, Dick and John environmental group that wants to protect imaginary environmental problems. They can do what they do best, get oil for all Americans, while then researching supplies in these areas and developing the necessary protocols to retrieve that oil when they find it.


Over two thirds of the citizens in New Jersey want off-shore drilling now.  Is not the job of a “Representative” to represent the will of the people who have given him that job?


The argument about drawing from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve defeats the very purpose of the reserve, which was to be able to supply up to 90 days of oil if crude oil supplies were cut off from foreign sources.  This supply would allow the country to defend itself, while insuring that its citizens would not freeze, and the economy would not grind to a halt.  It never was intended to be used for election year pandering.


Using arguments like “increased automobile fuel economy standards” only transfers the problem from congress to an already depressed domestic auto manufacturing sector.   Also conveniently left out of Rep. Pascrell’s arguments is that of very small (fuel efficient) automobiles survivability while traveling  the interstate highway system with the ever larger and heavier trucks that currently populate them.


The last paragraph of Rep. Pacrell’s letter just has to be rearranged to show what the elected representatives of this country are currently doing; America is in the middle of a serious energy emergency that is being used by opportunistic political entities to advance individual agendas.  Political gimmickry and partisan politics are now being used for personal gain at the expense of the American public.


Instead of condescending statements like this; “I will continue working in Congress to harness America’s innovative spirit and forge an energy future with the best interest of this nation’ economy and environment in mind”, as a harbinger to the November elections, maybe he should start to listen to the simple, practical solutions that the citizens of both his district and his state have already reached, Drill Here, Drill Now!


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Thank You Kelly

Imagine my surprise this morning when I opened the op-ed pages of The Star Ledger and found that portions of my posting of July 9th had been reprinted in Kelly Heyboer’s column, Jersey Blogs.  Of course she did pick only certain parts of the entry, but  my hat is off to her.  She presented a very fair and balanced article on the various opinions being expressed by bloggers in New Jersey.

Thank you Kelly for dropping by and restoring my faith that at least one paper in this state, the Star Ledger, will try and present balanced and non-biased reporting on facts.  This is something that others in your industry have abandoned in their quest to push a social agenda of their own.

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The Four Stooges visit the shore!

No, it was not Larry, Moe, Curly and Shemp.  Instead we had the New Jersey four stooges at the shore on Monday.  Yes folks, Corzine, Lautenberg, Menendez and Pallone showed up in Belmar to reaffirm their pledge to do Nothing!  We are now at crisis state in this country and they want to do Nothing!  Well at least they are consistent, except for raising taxes, they always do Nothing! 

You have to love the lame excuses they come up with in defending their decision to do Nothing!  Oh, it will take 10 years to get any oil from off-shore drilling.  Offshore drilling would only supply 30 days of gasoline.  A “mishap” would endanger the $38 billion tourist economy.  Beaches in California are devoid of tourists where offshore drilling occurs.  It would have no effect on current gasoline prices, and on and on and on.

Now let’s look at this in a different light.  If people do not have reasonably priced gas, they will not be going to the shore.  What could be worse, possibility that there “might” be some crude oil washing up on the beach, or no tourists at all?  We use the excuse that we should look at “alternative energy sources” with no timetable available for when they might be available?   That we all look to the “good energy fairy” to bring us a “new” source of energy?

Let’s further look at the one excuse that I find to be the biggest joke of all, “it will take 10 years to get any oil from off-shore drilling”.  In ten years, Lautenberg will be dead (really can’t tell the difference right now).  Menendez will be serving the 6th year of incarceration in a federal prison if Christie stays on the job.  Corzine will be shacked up with another floozy and trying to convince her not to raise “her tolls” for the occasional ride.  And finally Pallone will be off to gather another useless award like the “Padma Bhushan” from a third world country.

We can get gas prices down.  We can rid ourselves of dependency on rag headed sheiks and their whims.  We can tell a two-bit dictator to take his oil and shove it!  It is called: DRILL HERE, DRILL NOW!

As always, to all of the idiot “stooges” in Trenton, IT’S TAXES STUPID!

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Another loser who does not get it!

Jim Florio, the one term governor who felt taxing toilet paper was the proper thing to do has now weighed in on off-shore drilling.  Here is the link to the op-ed the Star Ledger ran on Monday:

Notice the multiply use of the words “possible spill”, “potential leak”, “limited to a few years’ worth of consumption”, “supply would be minute”, “decade away”.  Wow, if we lived by the word “possible”, who would fly if it was “possible” the plane might crash?  It would be crazy to drive, if we “might” be in an accident that would kill us.  And it gets better when the supply would be “minute”.  How does he know this, is he an expert in oil exploration?

Just a few months ago, off the coast of Brazil, an elephant field was found.  An elephant field is a huge oil deposit.  And how did Brazil find it, they got experts to drill for the oil!  They did not live by the words ‘possible, might”, “minute”.  They decided to be leaders, not whiners.

It’s time for Jim Florio to go away and let real leaders be heard.


And for idiots like Jim Florio, IT’S TAXES, STUPID!

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