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The exodus continues

Last week, Blackrock, the investment firm let it be known that they are very close to moving to Philadelphia taking 1200 good paying jobs out of New Jersey.  In the end it comes down to taxes (and maybe family leave) that is the driving force behind this move.  Of course New Jersey state officials did try to persuade Blackrock to stay by offering tax and finance incentives.  In other words, they tried to bribe Blackrock to stay by lowering their taxes, while putting the screws to other businesses in the state.

What is it with the officals in this state?  It seems that they are only interested in getting and giving bribes!  Why not take a different approach, and lower taxes across the board for all businesses?  How about showing that New Jersey not only wants companies to stay, but we want others to come here.  How about making New Jersey a haven for businesses?

For all the idiots in Trenton, “IT’S TAXES STUPID”!

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