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One of the blogs that I subscribe to is  This blog is run by some young republicans who will in the coming years be the foundation of the party.  The fellows are very enthusiastic, and really do try to keep everyone informed on what is happening on the political scene in this state.  Unfortunately, on many issues, I have to disagree with them, sometimes being very blunt since I believe the issues are to important for the politically correct crowd.  In this, a transition year, in my opinion, the stakes are huge in regards to the republican party and it’s future in shaping the course that this state will follow into the future.  Recently, a posting was made, that even though the person it was directed to was not identified, I knew it was me that he was talking too.  Here is the comment, followed by my response:

I have noticed that certain individuals are painting Chris Christie and assigning positions to him, whether or not they have any substantial proof to back it up. Some people would like to paint this as just about every primary that’s happened in this state for the last few years. We have seen it all, Christie is a “RINO” who is part of the “establishment” and Lonegan is the “Conservative” who is the darling of the “Grassroots”. To be fair, some Christie supporters are already painting Lonegan as a two-bit wingnut whack job.
Let’s get this out of the way: Chris Christie isn’t Doug Forrester. He’s not Christie Whitman either. Steve Lonegan isn’t Bret Schundler.  He’s not Murray Sabrin either. Chris Christie is Chris Christie and Steve Lonegan is Steve Lonegan. Let’s stop trying to pigeonhole them and let them be themselves.

None of this behavior has ever helped our party and our candidates move in a positive direction, and all of this always seems to come back and kick us in the ass. When the primary is over and the winning candidate is lacking some should-be supporters , it’s because the primary got too divisive and people would rather sit on their hands since the winner was not their “guy”. 

Individuals have a choice: Either continuing engaging in this destructive behavior and setup the stage for Jon Corzine’s re-election. Or we can all grow up, respect one another and the candidates in this race, and have a substantive discussion on the issues affecting each one of us. Each candidate should do this too, instead of throwing bombs at one another, they can focus the intensity on Jon Corzine and coming up with ideas for our state as we move forward

We have all heard the term “the stakes are too high” just about every election. But let’s acknowledge a little reality for once. Most of the time it’s bs said in races we all know we are going to lose. For the first time I can really remember, we have a real shot at winning an incredibly important election in this state. Sure, there was a time in the 2006 US Senate campaign, but it was an underdog shot in a bad year. For once we have what could be a good year in the making, and yes the stakes are really too high. This is our shot to prove we can stop being childish and using ridiculous labels while making silly accusations that have no merit.

Of course I can not make anybody do this. It is up to each individual to step up and change the tone of this primary. There is still plenty of time to do this.

And here was my reponse:

Chris Christie is Chris Christie? How about this, Chris Christie is just another in the long list of cookie cutter candidates that have been rolled out every four years by the leaders of the state republican party. Forrester, Franks, Courter and Sandman on the losing side; Whitman, Kean and Cahill on the winning side. Each endorsed by the liberal republicans that infest the party in this state, plus a few conservatives who, in order to advance their personal agenda, thereby insuring the party’s financial support, compromise their principles.

I will only bore you with the past 40 years, but a look at the “winners” and what they gave us were increased taxes, increased spending and the explosive growth of state government. At times it was difficult to tell what the difference was when a republican versus a democrat entered office. Hell, Cahill went as far as to appoint his predecessor Richard Hughes, one of the most liberal of all New Jersey governors as chief justice of the state supreme court! Wow, great victories the republican party have to show for the last forty years.

Of course, if once in awhile, someone other than the “chosen one” should win the approval of the republican base in a primary, how are they then treated. Don’t have to go far to find the answer to that question, just go ask Christie’s campaign chairperson, Joseph Kyrillos, and the star endorser, Tom Kean Sr. I am sure they can fill you in on how the state republican committee, instead of circling the wagons and attacking the “happy” (I know what happens if I use the word gay)democrat candidate Jim McGreevey, instead they packed them up and headed home, showing no support for Bret Schundler.

A person is characterized by those he seeks approval from and associates with. This also goes in reverse for those who associate with him and seek his approval. He has chosen the approval of RINOS, Cupcake Republicans and Dem-Lites. If he should be elected governor, we will look at an administration of the type that we had with another Christie, the “Witless” one.

On the other hand, with a candidate like Steve Lonegan, we have a man who has run in the last three primaries, not using state republican funds, or channels. Who, during that time, has not changed his principles on bit. Unlike Christie, the Lonegan campaign does not have an official “finger holder upper”, who’s sole purpose is to determine the prevailing direction of voter attitude.

The reason I am reposting here is quite simple, we have to look at how the republican party in New Jersey has performed in previous years, and decide if this election should be approached in the same manner.  A wise man once said, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it”. 

I have lived in this state for a long time, and have always been a republican. I am not about to change, but by god, I will do what ever I can to change the “management” of the republican party in this state. There lies the true enemy of the citizens of New Jersey!

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Another loser who does not get it!

Jim Florio, the one term governor who felt taxing toilet paper was the proper thing to do has now weighed in on off-shore drilling.  Here is the link to the op-ed the Star Ledger ran on Monday:

Notice the multiply use of the words “possible spill”, “potential leak”, “limited to a few years’ worth of consumption”, “supply would be minute”, “decade away”.  Wow, if we lived by the word “possible”, who would fly if it was “possible” the plane might crash?  It would be crazy to drive, if we “might” be in an accident that would kill us.  And it gets better when the supply would be “minute”.  How does he know this, is he an expert in oil exploration?

Just a few months ago, off the coast of Brazil, an elephant field was found.  An elephant field is a huge oil deposit.  And how did Brazil find it, they got experts to drill for the oil!  They did not live by the words ‘possible, might”, “minute”.  They decided to be leaders, not whiners.

It’s time for Jim Florio to go away and let real leaders be heard.


And for idiots like Jim Florio, IT’S TAXES, STUPID!

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