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In yesterday’s Sunday Star Ledger, Carla Katz had published an op-ed she wrote about Sarah Palin.  I will not give her the satisfaction of repeating it here, but this is the link if you wish to read this rubbish:

Normally, I would not even comment on something written by Jon Corzine’s play toy, but in this case I will make an exception.  Carla “what do I have to do for the house” Katz made reference to Sarah Palin being one of the “good ol boy’s”.  Katz tried to portray Governor Palin in a less than attractive light by pointing out how she had appointed a friend of hers to a director’s position in Alaska government.  How Governor Palin once fired a police chief when she was a mayor.  That Governor Palin, while she was mayor replaced many of the overpaid town workers with less expensive replacements.  In other words, Sarah Palin was trying to run government like a business for the benefit of the citizens!

Of course, we could use Carla Katz as an example of what I would call “the old girls club”.  Now what would that be?  Well for starters, how does one get a house she could not afford by herself?  Find a sugar daddy like Jon Corzine!  How do you get the tuition paid for your kids private school?  Find a sugar daddy like Jon Corzine!  How do you keep your union executive position and not piss off the governor of the state in which you represent the state workers union?  Backdoor emails to him!  Are you starting to get my drift here?

Actually, it is a lot easier to sum up the differences between Governor Sarah Palin, and the recently removed from her position in the union because of accusations of corruption Carla Katz.  Governor Sarah Palin is a hard working, tough as nails, hockey mom who wants to make the United States the best place on earth to live, and Carla Katz, she is a SLUT!

To Carla Katz and all of the corrupt scum in Trenton, “IT’S TAXES STUPID”!

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