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Lonegan for Governor

On December 1st, I had the privilege of being present when Steve Lonegan announced his candidacy for governor of New Jersey on the Republican ticket.  Steve is well known in the state for being a Reagan Republican of the highest degree.  He has never changed on his platform of minimum government and lower tax rates to insure that the citizens of New Jersey have the highest living standards possible.

Although I agree with Steve on the matter of less government and lower taxes, I do feel that one more item has to be included in his platform to insure that all of the citizens of New Jersey will benefit from his future term as governor of this state.  This last platform item which would complete a triad of issues, is namely crime and it’s effect on the urban areas of this state.  The inner cities of New Jersey are at a critical state in terms of crime and it’s impact on the residents of these areas. 

Ronald Reagan, in 1980 ran on the premise of smaller government, lower taxes and national defense.  His wisdom to confront the communists, while trying to reduce government spending and programs should serve as a blueprint for any conservative running for office in this day and age.  Steve Lonegan would be wise to look at the situation that is present in our inner cities, namely the influx of criminal gangs and the terrorist effect that they have on these areas.  He should pledge to, on day one of his administration, to declare these gangs terrorist organizations and treat them as we would treat Al-Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah or any of the other foreign terrorist scum that currently breed in this world.  These domestic terrorists should be arrested under the Patriot  Act and interned at a base like Fort Dix.  We cannot let any of the citizens of New Jersey be terrorized any place in New Jersey.  If we want to see New Jersey flourish again, we must make sure that our cities are positioned to share in the results.  By attacking and destroying this cancer known as gangs that vision can be insured.

Steve Lonegan has my total backing to be the next governor of what will again be the great State of New Jersey.  But until then, for all of the idiots in Trenton, “IT’S TAXES, STUPID!”

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Another raping of taxpayers by an Abbott District and Corzine

Well kids, Newark has a new superintendent, Clifford Janey, and guess what, he is going to be the highest paid superintendent in New Jersey, with a yearly salary of $301,000.00!  To add injury to insult, this contract has been approved by the big idiot himself, Jon (do as I say, not as I do) Corzine.  Yes kids, the same Jon Corzine who promised to deal with the ridiculous contracts that these superintendents are receiving in this state.  but, let’s dive a little bit farther into this contract and who it is being given to, one Clifford Janey.

Janey is being cited as having an extensive resume, including being superintendent of schools in Rochester, NY and Washington, DC.  Let’s have a look at these assignments.

He was the superintendent of schools in Rochester, but what is really interesting is how he left, how about this for a left out fact:

“When Rochester let him go, he was given a $260,800 separation agreement (that’s nearly half the amount of the entire RCSD’s budget for one year!) & a commitment that keeps school board members from saying nasty, if truthful, things about his competence.”

He was let go in Rochester in 2002, and the school board had a gag order to prevent them from telling exactly how bad this guy was running their school system.  Wow, what a resume builder that is, but that is only the top of the iceberg.  Let’s look at Washington, DC:

“The bureaucrats in the District of Columbia have given Doctor Clifford Janey the boot from his post as Superintendent of the schools there, effective immediately.”

“They liked the job he did SO much, they’ve eliminated not only him but also the position of Superintendent!”

“His current contract with Washington, D.C. runs for another two years. At $274,000 plus a $25,000 bonus, this man Janey is one lucky guy. Sweet! (Yes, he’s getting a bonus for 2006-2007 while being fired!) ”

Janey was superintendent in Washington DC for a little less than three years, and he gets fired again!  Just more padding for the resume.  It seems that what this fellow does best is getting fired and collecting huge settlements.

So this is what Corzine and the other clowns in Trenton think we should be spending our Abbott District funds on; a person who is a failure in all of his professional endeavors, to lead the largest, failing school district in the state!   And is there any wonder why this state is on the brink of economic disaster?

To all of the idiots in Trenton, “IT’S TAXES STUPID!”

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New sentencing guidelines for rape

Yesterday, U.S. District Judge William Martini set a new standard for sentencing of rapists.  If you rape one person, your sentence will be measured in decades.  If you rape hundreds of thousands of people, you will get a slap on the wrist and less than two and a half years at a federal country club prison!

Judge “let them slide” Martini said that “he compared sentences given to other prominent New Jersey politicians convicted of corruption in recent years, and concluded the government’s request to send James away for more than a decade would be “an extreme injustice” that didn’t match his crime”!  What!  This is the message he wants to send to the other crooked bums out therewe were not that tough on other crooked politicians in the past, so let’s keep the status quo and we will not be tough on you!  Go ahead, screw the very people who place their trust in your hands, because we on the bench, just don’t give a damn!  So much for justice!  So much for changing the current atmosphere of corruption in New Jersey!  So much for a demonstration to the other crooks in Trenton, Newark, Camden, Jersey City, Passaic, Paterson and other places in New Jersey.  Martini has just told them all, “nothing will change”!

To Judge “slap them on the wrist” Martini, Thanks for nothing!  And for all the idiots in Trenton, “IT’S STILL TAXES, STUPID”!

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