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Governor Stupidhead’s Pit

The executive director of NJ Transit, Richard F. Sarles, wrote a rebuttal in NJ Voices ( to an opinion about the Mass Transit Tunnel (MTT), which I now refer to as Governor Stupidhead’s Pit.  In the rebuttal, Sarles talks about how the new tunnel will benefit commuters, another way of saying that the real winner here is New York City.  But, one good thing came out of this, and that is his mentioning of 6,000 construction and related jobs, and a drop in air pollution by taking 22,000 cars off the highways.  This confirmation of these numbers can now lead to a crunching of these numbers and figuring out just what this will cost us.

In industry, it is typical to buy capital improvements with an outlook to getting the total return on investment within 18 months.  The price of this tunnel is calculated to be 9 billion dollars.  If we take the elimination of 22,ooo cars as realistic, it will cost $410,000 to remove each car.  Let’s say for this argument we figure each car has four passengers who will now take the train.  So it will cost $102,500 to for each new passenger who will use this tunnel.  If we assume that each passenger will go to work 250 days per year, then in 18 months he/she will have made 375 round trips.  In order to get an 18 month return on investment, each round trip will have to cost $273.00.  I don’t think anyone is going to pay that price.  Now, lets say the cost of a round trip is $27.00 per, it will take 15 years to pay for the tunnel.  Some might say that is a good deal, but just remember, all of the fare would have to go towards paying for the tunnel, what about the cost of the train?  From my viewpoint, this investment is not that good, and will result in the taxpayers of New Jersey having to subsidise this venture.

Sarles also writes about the jobs that will be created in the construction of this tunnel.  Let’s see how much each job will cost.  As I wrote before, they figure that 6,000 jobs will be created.  If we divide 6,000 into 9 billion dollars, the cost for each job will be $1.5 million.  Now, I don’t know where you come from, but where I come from, that is no bargain at all.

Once again, we do not need this tunnel!  It will only benefit New York City.  The cost of the tunnel can never be recouped, but will have to be subsidised by the taxpayers of New Jersey.  And the idea of creating jobs at $1.5 million per job is just plain stupid!  Why not take the money that New Jersey is suppose to contribute ($3 billion) and spend it to benefit the citizens of New Jersey?

To Richard R. Sarles, Governor Stupidhead, and the other idiots who are trying to force this tunnel down are throats, it is just a plain stupid idea, plus don’t ever forget, “IT’S TAXES, STUPID!”

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The Hudson River Railroad Tunnel

Thursday, it was announced that the federal government had approved giving $3 billion in federal funding to build the new Hudson River Railroad Tunnel.  Here is the link to the full story as reported in the Star Ledger:

It took me awhile to think about this, since some of the claims made did not make any sense, in light of the information that I had posted a few days ago.  At that time, the claim was made that 4,000 jobs would be created for the $8.7 billion that would be spent on this Choo-Choo tunnel.  If you did the math, each job would be created for $2,175,000.00 per job, or $310,000.00 per year over the seven year period estimated that the construction would take. Now, the claim is made that this project will create 40,000 to 50,000 jobs!  Well, lets do the math again.  If we can get 50,000 jobs, that would be $174,000.00 per job, or $24,857.00 per year of the project.  Now, that sounds great except for the fact that no construction worker in New Jersey would do the job for about 25 thousand a year.  so it seems that the 40,000 to 50,000 is just not a real figure on job creation.  Also, think about this, 50,000 is about the same amount of people who would fill Giants stadium.  Where are all of these people going to be working around this tunnel?

Another selling point being used to justify this project is the premise that 22,000 cars will be removed from the road because the drivers (and passengers) will start taking the train to work in New York City and spend their money there.  Well, if we divide 22,000 into $8.7 billion it will cost $395,455.00 per car to remove them from the roads leading to New York City.  That does not seem to be a good investment to me!  If this number is right, lets do another calculation.  If each car has one driver and three passengers, that would be four new passengers for the Choo-Choo Tunnel.  This would be about $100,000.00 per passenger cost.  Now, if the average Choo-Choo train fare was $10.00 round trip, and each person used the train 250 times per year, it would take 40 years to just obtain the fares to pay for the tunnel alone!

Give me a break, this whole Choo-Choo train tunnel idea is just one large pork-barrel project to appease the union construction workers and pay for play construction companies!  Plus, the $8.7 billion is what they want to borrow for these projects.  It does not include the interest that will have to be paid for the bonds that will be needed to actually get their hands on the money needed for this project.  Why not keep the New Jersey money, about $3 billion, and spend it to make New Jersey a more favorable place for companies to locate and create jobs here?

To Governor Stupidhead, our lunatic Senators and all of the other idiots in Washington D.C. and Trenton, “IT’S TAXES, STUPID!”

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Let’s spend our money for New Jersey

Once again the building of a new railroad tunnel under the Hudson river is being rammed down the throats of New Jersey taxpayers.  This tunnel is being “fast-tracked” in order to provide “Jersey jobs.”  What a crock of crap!  We are going to spend 3 billion dollars and except for a few construction jobs, that will most likely go to New York unions, we will get NOTHING!

Who will this tunnel benefit?  Well that is not hard to figure out, it will benefit New York City and New York City only!  At least 99.9% of the people who commute go from New Jersey to New York City every day.  There, they work and spend money to benefit New York City, not New Jersey.  But Governor Stupidhead wants you to believe that building this tunnel will benefit New Jersey citizens.  Of course, Corzine does not tell you that these New Jersey citizens are the few who commute to these jobs.  For the rest of us, we will get nothing from this tunnel, except for the outrageous bill to build it.

Instead of spending this 3 billion on the tunnel, how about spending it to make New Jersey cities places that businesses would want to relocate to?  Then the citizens of New Jersey would not have to commute to another state to work.  They would spend their money here.  They would use services of other New Jersey businesses.  Wealth would be created here, for the betterment of New Jersey taxpayers, not New Yorkers!  Call your assembly representatives, call your state senators, call the governor’s office and demand that New Jersey spend money for the benefit of New Jersey and not for other states!

For Governor Stupidhead and all of the other idiots in Trenton, we are coming for you next November, but until then just remember, “IT’S TAXES, STUPID!”

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Last Friday, I went down to Woodbridge to speak at the last hearing being held by the Turnpike Authority regarding toll hikes.  Previously I had been at the hearing at Bergen Community College and spoke about the how these hikes will devastate our business climate.  Further, I tried to point out to the coconuts running this meeting that it seemed to me they needed better management running the show.  Deterioration of our highways is a sign of people who have been in trusted to maintain them, not doing their jobs.  Heads in these agencies should roll before they come asking for more money.  But later I had a chance to think about the presentation that was given on why we need a toll hike and I realized that the authority was pulling the wool over our heads.  I felt that I had to bring this up at a public forum.

Before I get to the “Fix Was In” portion, let me explain why this is a disaster.  The presentation was broken out into three parts:

  1. Servicing of the current debt.
  2. Repair of the current infrastructure.
  3. Capital projects they wanted to fund.

The concept of “Servicing the current debt” implies that the current revenue being taken in by the agency is not enough to run the turnpike and pay the current bonding.  Or in others, they borrowed more than they should have!  Sounds like the current problem this country faces with the mortgage melt down.  But, the coconuts running the authority really cannot say they are the victims of “Predatory Lending”!  These people are suppose to be smart enough, if you look at their salaries, to not get into this situation.

The current state of the infrastructure of this state is a disgrace!  The pictures they showed of rusted trusses, concrete corrosion and other scenes of disrepair looked horrible.   Once again, who is minding the store and allowing this to happen?  If this was private industry, those managers and employees would have been shown the door a long time ago.  But no, instead they are rewarded with increased salaries, full pensions, overly generous health benefits and other little perks.

Finally, the authority gave a list of captial project that they wanted to do.  Of course this would require “borrowing” more money!  But wait, go back to the first point, they can’t service the debt they already have!  They can’t pay for the repair of the current infrastructure.  But they want to borrow more money!  See the irony here?  This is a death spiral!  Borrow, can’t pay, raise tolls, borrow, can’t pay, raise tolls, and on and on and on!

OK, lets get to the “Fix Was In”.  Back when I was younger, we use to go to the Meadowlands sometimes to watch the trotter run and of course bet.  One night, I had bet a horse that looked real good to win.  During the race, he took off and looked like he would waltz to the finish line.  Well, all of a sudden, the driver started pulling back on the reins, slowing the horse up. This did not make much sense, but I noticed that all but one of the other drivers were doing the same.  This allowed a very long shot to finish first, thereby giving someone a killing on this race.  I was so mad, but an older fellow next to me just said “The fix was in on that race”.  In other words, the finish of the race was predetermined, most likely by the mob to insure a great payoff.  Well, the fix was in on the toll increase for the Turnpike, Garden State Parkway and the Atlantic City Expressway.

While sitting and waiting to be heard, I watched the facial expressions on the board.  It looked to me that all of them were just staring out into space.  Not one of them was listening to any of the people who took the time to come to this hearing and give their opinion.  Then it struck me like a lightning bolt, the coconuts had already decided to raise the tolls!  They were going to do exactly what Jon “Stupidhead” Corzine wanted done, raise the damn tolls!  This is what we get in New Jersey, a dictator who is going to get his way no matter what! 

Well, in thirteen months we can change that!  Just remember, I will!

For Governor Stupidhead, the cowards on the Turnpike Authority, and all of the other idiots in Trenton, just remember, we are coming for you in 13 months, and “IT’S TAXES, STUPID!”

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What a deal!

Recently, the Star Ledger published a review of the overtime records of the Port Authority Police Department.  It seems that in 2007 the overtime pay was $48.9 million, or an increase of 12 percent.  This in spite of the fact that the agency paid KPMG $435,000 to study the problem of overtime and get it under control.  If you would like to read the full article, follow this link:

One officer, Morris Cofield, with 14 years on the force was paid $263,468 for averaging 80.75 hours per week.  Now consider the fact that there are 168 hours per week, he was spending almost half his time on the job!  What kind of efficiency can we expect from this man?   How much illegal activity (he is assigned to JFK airport) was not detected by him because of exhaustion?  Besides padding his weekly take home pay, the total of his earnings will be used for his retirement benefits, another insult to anyone who works in the private sector and knows that this practice never accords there.

Only a few months ago, all of the tolls and fares on PA bridges, tunnels and trains were raised by 50%.  The reasoning was that the money was needed to pay for improvements.  I suggest the money was reallly needed to provide officer Cofield and his fellow officers a nicer place to sleep while on duty.

When is Governor Stupidhead Corzine going to put a stop to this abuse of our money?  When is he going to deliver on his promise to clean up the waste of our money?

To the idiots in Trenton, and at the Port of Authority, IT’S TAXES (and TOLLS) STUPID!”


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What Red Jersey would not post!

I wrote a post for Red Jersey in which I hoped to show just how out of touch the current leaders are in Trenton.  Just 5 years ago the discussion was about raising the gas tax, and “eliminating” tolls on the Garden State Parkway.  You may read the article if you follow this link to the New York Times:

But I made a terrible mistake, and the post was censored.  I made the comment that Jim McGreevey had a “gay moment” when this proposal was made.

Now, I do not have a problem with gays, or basically anyone else in the world who is not trying to kill me, or take all of my money.  I do have a problem though with a governor who was being blackmailed because of his sexual orientation so much so that he placed his lover in a position that compromised all of our safety.  And I will not at anytime refuse to remind everyone just what he did!  Plus, maybe he wanted to save a few coins when he went on a pickup run at the rest areas.

But this once again gets us off the real reason for the post in the first place.  Here in New Jersey, in less than 5 years, we have gone from the possibility of eliminating tolls to a governor who will not be happy till he gets them increased!  What a sorry state of affairs we have here in New Jersey.

To all the idiots in Trenton, “IT’S TAXES, STUPID!”

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