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Card Check elections in New Jersey

Over the past two months, the republican county committees have been holding what they call “county conventions” in order to determine a candidate for governor.   Right now, Chris Christie has been “winning” these elections, in such a manner that one would believe he was the only one running.  Now, we all know that Steve Lonegan is also campaigning for the republican party nomination, but in spite of the fact that he has been running point, on conservative issues, in the state of New Jersey for years, he has not registered but a few votes to be the standard bearer for the party.  One has to ask why?  Well, I finally figured out what is going on, and it is called “CARD CHECK”.

If anyone still remembers the presidential election, one of the items that was a hot ticket item was union card check elections.  This process is one were the voting is open, not secret.  How a person votes would be known to everyone, so persons who might not be voting in the “right way” could be “persuaded” by others.  Of course this process would go against all of the principles that have allowed every person in this country to express their  wants without being open for criticism and ridicule. 

Last night, I spoke to a local republican leader.  During that conversation, he mentioned that the state leadership had questioned him about how he was going to vote in the county convention.  He said that he was not going to tell them that.  He said that was his decision to be made when the time came to cast his vote.  His vote forever would remain secret and he would not be conherced by anyone.  Of course this did not sit well with the state leader and this person was informed that this decision would not be looked on favorably by the other “leaders”.

Card Check elections are wrong at every level and in every situation.  For the Republican leadership  in New Jersey to be running  elections in this manner is not just plain wrong, it is another example of the liberal attitude that permeates the party.  It is about time we took out the trash and returned the Republican party to the conservative roots that have served it so well.


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Who is Chris Christie?

Who is Chris Christie?  What are his positions, ideas and plans for curing what plagues New Jersey?


If anyone has the answer, please contact me.  I sure would like to know.


To all the idiots in Trenton, maybe Chris “The Whopper” Christie might not have any plans, but the citizens of New Jersey have plans for you.  Come November, get your bags packed, because you are checking out.  But until then, don’t forget, “IT’S TAXES, STUPID!”

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Update on School Prayer in New Jersey

Talk about a bunch of gutless wonders!  The United States Supreme Court latest decision not to hear the case of the football coach, at a New Jersey High School, who just wanted a moment of silent reflection before a game shows just how far to the left this country has turned!   What are these idiots thinking about?

Just last week we learned that the Wayne, New Jersey public school system has made special arrangements so Muslim children can interrupt class time and pray in school.  Of course no special arrangements have been for Catholic children.  Jewish children have not been given any special place to pray.  The Baptistchildren will just have to suck it up and not pray.  Protestant kids, not a chance at prayer.  Nope, just the Muslim children.

So here are the new rules for praying in the state of New Jersey.  If you are a coach of a sports team, you better not be found bowing your head to ask that the children under your leadership not be hurt while participating in athletic competition.   No matter what sport you are coaching, what values you are teaching or the spirit of achievement you are trying to instill into the youth under your tutelage will make no difference to us.  Just make sure you are not praying!

Of course, we do have a slightly different set of rules for the Muslim coaches.  If you are the coach of the local Al-Qaeda youth suicide squad, you can pray.  You can pray that your young bombers will kill as many of the infidels as possible.  You can pray that the result of these bombings will be the death of many woman and children.  You can pray that your “athletes” will be rewarded with their 72 virgins.  You can pray that your efforts will result in the extermination of all Jewish people. 

To all of the idiots in Trenton, why can’t at least one of you stand up and be heard on this issue?  Don’t one of you have a set of balls?  Well, just remember, come November, we are going to get rid of you cowards, but until then, don’t forget, “IT’S TAXES, STUPID!”

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