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New sentencing guidelines for rape

Yesterday, U.S. District Judge William Martini set a new standard for sentencing of rapists.  If you rape one person, your sentence will be measured in decades.  If you rape hundreds of thousands of people, you will get a slap on the wrist and less than two and a half years at a federal country club prison!

Judge “let them slide” Martini said that “he compared sentences given to other prominent New Jersey politicians convicted of corruption in recent years, and concluded the government’s request to send James away for more than a decade would be “an extreme injustice” that didn’t match his crime”!  What!  This is the message he wants to send to the other crooked bums out therewe were not that tough on other crooked politicians in the past, so let’s keep the status quo and we will not be tough on you!  Go ahead, screw the very people who place their trust in your hands, because we on the bench, just don’t give a damn!  So much for justice!  So much for changing the current atmosphere of corruption in New Jersey!  So much for a demonstration to the other crooks in Trenton, Newark, Camden, Jersey City, Passaic, Paterson and other places in New Jersey.  Martini has just told them all, “nothing will change”!

To Judge “slap them on the wrist” Martini, Thanks for nothing!  And for all the idiots in Trenton, “IT’S STILL TAXES, STUPID”!

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A Call To Arms!

I just got off a conference call made by Steve Lonegan of Americans for Prosperity.  Americans for Prosperity  will be filing a lawsuit to try and stop this “illegal” borrowing of money by Corzine and his cronies in Trenton.  They need our help.  There will be a rally on Monday, the 28th on the steps of the courthouse in Hackensack.  This rally will occur at 1:00PM.  We have to rally to this cause and show the idiots in Trenton that we will not take it anymore!  Please, try and make some time and join us.  We can make a difference and start to take this state back from the corrupt bums who are driving it to bankruptcy.

For all the idiots in Trenton, “WE ARE COMING FOR YOU”, and also “IT’S TAXES STUPID”!

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The exodus continues

Last week, Blackrock, the investment firm let it be known that they are very close to moving to Philadelphia taking 1200 good paying jobs out of New Jersey.  In the end it comes down to taxes (and maybe family leave) that is the driving force behind this move.  Of course New Jersey state officials did try to persuade Blackrock to stay by offering tax and finance incentives.  In other words, they tried to bribe Blackrock to stay by lowering their taxes, while putting the screws to other businesses in the state.

What is it with the officals in this state?  It seems that they are only interested in getting and giving bribes!  Why not take a different approach, and lower taxes across the board for all businesses?  How about showing that New Jersey not only wants companies to stay, but we want others to come here.  How about making New Jersey a haven for businesses?

For all the idiots in Trenton, “IT’S TAXES STUPID”!

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Give Sharpe James the Max!

Today we will find out if the powers to be are really serious about cleaning up corruption in New Jersey.  Chris Christie has called for the maximum sentence for Sharpe James, the double dipping former mayor of Neward and state senator  for the 29th district.  This sentence would be 20 years in a Federal Prison.

Many people have sent requests to Judge Martini for leniency in his sentencing of this bum.  They say that the maximum sentence would cause his wife to lose the house, the sentence would amount to a life sentence, that he was the cause for the renaissance of Newark.  Well to all of these idiots, I say “who cares”.

Sharpe James betrayed the trust of hundred’s of thousands of people.  We would give a bank robber 20 years and not think about it, even though that crime only effects a few people.  Dennis Kozlowski, the former CEO of Tyco was sentenced to 8 1/2 years to 25 years, and he only screwed the shareholders of Tyco.  James on the other hand destroyed the public trust that we place in the hands of our elected officials.  For that betrayal, no sentence is long enough.

Judge Martini, throw the book at this bum!  Give him the maximum sentence, and show the people of New Jersey that you are serious about corruption in New Jersey.  This sentence will have the other corrupt bums in this state rushing to change their pants, and then waiting for the dreaded knock on the door as Chris delivers more subpoenas and indictments.  Today show the citizens of New Jersey that corruption will no longer be tolerated in this state.  Today, start the rebuilding of the State of New Jersey!

To all the corrupt bums in this state: “IT’S TAXES STUPID”!

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It’s Abbott District Time Again!

I thought that any silly program that wastes taxpayer’s money should have it’s own song.  I hope you remember the the song for the Howdy Doddy Show, because here are some new lyrics:

“It’s Abbott District Time

We don’t want just a dime

We want Billions of Dollars

And hope no one hollers!”

Let’s discuss the big perks that Abbott districts shell out to administrators.  In my hometown, Garfield, the two top administrators are in line to collect $150,000 in unused sick days!  Where in the private sector can you find this deal?  Maybe, instead of stem cell research, we should be drawing their blood and discover the wonder gene that gives them the ability to never get sick.  Of course the school district can’t afford copy paper to print out items for students, but to hell with them as long as the management is taken care of!

How about West New York, and the superintendent who makes $231,000 and his underlings will retire with buybacks exceeding $50,000 each, this is in addition to their pensions.  Want more, how about the Jersey City superintendent who just signed a contract in which he gets paid, $250,000 per year, and he gets to cash out 500 sick days for $85,000.  Now he has been there for 40 years, so this means he was getting 12.5 days per year, works only 9 months out of the year, and never gets sick.  Wow, superman lives in Jersey City.

Who said that you have to follow the money to get rich, just be a school superintendent.  You will make over a quarter of a million dollars a year in Newark and Jersey City.  And don’t worry about performance, since these districts are at the bottom of the pile, it is obvious that performance is not a requirement.

The best part of all of this, is that at least one-third of the school districts have failed to post salary and perk information on their websites, even though a law passed last year requires it.  Has anyone been called to account for this disregard for the law?  Of course not!  But, how hard could this be to accomplish?  The budgets have to be done in a computer word program, why can’t the file just be uploaded? 

The legislature assures us that new “safeguards” are in place to make sure that the money given to Abbott District Schools will be spent properly.  But who has put into place the “safeguards” to protect us from them?

To all the idiots in Trenton and in the Abbott Districts, “IT’S TAXES STUPID”!

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It’s Abbott District Time Again

As promised, here is a continuation of the Abbott District spending of the 4 billion dollars that the state of New Jersey has borrowed, without voter approval.  Tonight we will look at the City of Passaic.

Some of you might know, that Passaic has had a spate of recent “events” for the lack of another word.  It’s mayor Samuel Rivera has resigned, after pleading guilty to accepting bribes (like that is new in Passaic County) and faces 18 to 24 months in prison.  The city “a self-declared sanctuary city for illegal aliens” tells federal authorities to take a hike in trying to prevent illegal aliens from staying in the country.  An finally we have Gary Schaer, the double dipping politician who is both mayor (had been a councilman) and assemblyman for Passaic and praises the borrowing of 4 billion dollars without voter approval, because he believes it is the right thing to do.  When you hear the numbers, you would think the same thing.

Passaic is lined up to receive $213,967,126 for the building of four schools.  One middle school, one elementary school, one early childhood center and one “new” early childhood center.  Gary “double dipping” Schaer is bring almost a quarter of a billion dollars to the city he is mayor of.  This amount of money is almost 5% of the total amount that is being borrowed.  No wonder he is for borrowing this money.  He is winning, while the taxpayers are losing!  And who is going to benefit from these new schools, illegal aliens!  Yes, illegal aliens, and how do we know this, because you cannot ask them if they are here legally. 

So folks, here is another example of your money being wasted.  Mad yet, I know I am!  More to follow over the coming weeks, so stay tuned. 

To all the idiots in Trenton and Passaic, “IT’S TAXES STUPID”!

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Thank You Kelly

Imagine my surprise this morning when I opened the op-ed pages of The Star Ledger and found that portions of my posting of July 9th had been reprinted in Kelly Heyboer’s column, Jersey Blogs.  Of course she did pick only certain parts of the entry, but  my hat is off to her.  She presented a very fair and balanced article on the various opinions being expressed by bloggers in New Jersey.

Thank you Kelly for dropping by and restoring my faith that at least one paper in this state, the Star Ledger, will try and present balanced and non-biased reporting on facts.  This is something that others in your industry have abandoned in their quest to push a social agenda of their own.

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Just the beginning on school funding in New Jersey

As I hope most of you already know, the idiots in Trenton have borrowed $4 billion dollars, without voter approval and most likely unconstitutional, to fund the new Schools Development Authority.  Over the next few weeks, I will be keeping you informed on the expenses and what I feel to be conflicts regarding the needs and spending regarding these funds.  Unfortunately, at this time, I am pressed for time to really develop the information to present a “factual” accounting of this most wasteful program.  That said, this is one that any person would have to question.

The recently released list of new school projects published by the NJ Schools Development Authority reveals that Union City will be getting $47,011,471 dollars for a “new elementary school”.  Now, that on the surface does not sound to bad, but if you remember, this is the same school district that pays it school bus drivers overtime to recharge their cellphones!  This is also the same school district that has four aassistant school superintendents, when most school systems of the same size have at the most one aassistant school superintendent.  Finally, this school system does not elect it’s board of education, but has the members appointed by the mayor, Brian Stack, who just by chance is also a double dipper who is also the State Senator for the 33rd district.

My point in bringing this first of numerous comments on this subject, is before just handing over almost $50 million dollars, how about a state or independent audit to start some slashing of the current expenditures to obtain the best “bang for the taxpayers buck”.  Is that too much to ask?  I ask you to be the judge, since in the end, it is your money!

For all of the idiots who would not let the citizens of New Jersey vote on going further in debt:


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The Four Stooges visit the shore!

No, it was not Larry, Moe, Curly and Shemp.  Instead we had the New Jersey four stooges at the shore on Monday.  Yes folks, Corzine, Lautenberg, Menendez and Pallone showed up in Belmar to reaffirm their pledge to do Nothing!  We are now at crisis state in this country and they want to do Nothing!  Well at least they are consistent, except for raising taxes, they always do Nothing! 

You have to love the lame excuses they come up with in defending their decision to do Nothing!  Oh, it will take 10 years to get any oil from off-shore drilling.  Offshore drilling would only supply 30 days of gasoline.  A “mishap” would endanger the $38 billion tourist economy.  Beaches in California are devoid of tourists where offshore drilling occurs.  It would have no effect on current gasoline prices, and on and on and on.

Now let’s look at this in a different light.  If people do not have reasonably priced gas, they will not be going to the shore.  What could be worse, possibility that there “might” be some crude oil washing up on the beach, or no tourists at all?  We use the excuse that we should look at “alternative energy sources” with no timetable available for when they might be available?   That we all look to the “good energy fairy” to bring us a “new” source of energy?

Let’s further look at the one excuse that I find to be the biggest joke of all, “it will take 10 years to get any oil from off-shore drilling”.  In ten years, Lautenberg will be dead (really can’t tell the difference right now).  Menendez will be serving the 6th year of incarceration in a federal prison if Christie stays on the job.  Corzine will be shacked up with another floozy and trying to convince her not to raise “her tolls” for the occasional ride.  And finally Pallone will be off to gather another useless award like the “Padma Bhushan” from a third world country.

We can get gas prices down.  We can rid ourselves of dependency on rag headed sheiks and their whims.  We can tell a two-bit dictator to take his oil and shove it!  It is called: DRILL HERE, DRILL NOW!

As always, to all of the idiot “stooges” in Trenton, IT’S TAXES STUPID!

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A site I recommend

Today I added the site “Save New Jersey”.  Please visit this site for information that the idiots in Trenton do not want you to know!  The good folks down there have also agreed to link to my site here.  I for one have had it with the way this state is being run, and now I am finding a “Silent Majority” that feels the same way.  Well, hell, I am not going to be silent any more.  The time is now to take back this state.

I believe that we must have an ideal to look up to in this, our hour of despair.   Therefore, I propose, with all due respect to one of the few people I truly admire, Winston Churchill.  I have slightly changed, but do not take any credit for this, an ideology that we should rally around:

We shall defend our state, whatever the cost may be, we shall fight on the turnpike, we shall fight on the parkway, we shall fight on the budget and in the polling places, we shall fight in Trenton; we shall never surrender, so help us God!

Let’s put the fear of God and the wrath of a people who are just plain fed up with the garbage that resides in Trenton.  God bless New Jersey, God bless the United States of America, and God bless the people who know right from wrong!

And for all the idiots in Trenton, we are coming for you because: “IT’S TAXES, STUPID”!

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