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Why can’t the republicans in this state really fight?

Save New Jersey just posted this:

NJGOP Chairman Tom Wilson called on Governor Corzine and state Democrats today to refuse financial support for any Bergen politician standing with indicted county Chairman Joe Ferriero:

 ”Jon Corzine and Joe Cryan have made it clear they think that Joe Ferriero represents politics at its worst and should resign.  The true test of their commitment to rooting out corruption within the Democratic Party is whether their actions reflect their words.  Corzine and Cryan should make it clear to the Democratic candidates in Bergenthat there will be no financial support for a slate that supports corrupt party leadership.  Cryan and Corzine should withhold any financial support for Bernadette McPherson, David Ganz, Vernon Walton, and Diane Testa unless they join the call for Chairman Ferriero’s resignation.  Talk is cheap and Governor Corzine has certainly given us plenty of talk when it comes to politicians who abuse the taxpayers. He also had no problem doling out tens of thousands of his own dollars to support Ferriero’s corrupt machine.   It’s time to ante up Governor and put your money where your mouth is.”

Now my problem with this is real simple, “Why help the democrats”?  Let’s instead hope that Corzine continues to back this crook Ferriero.  Then let’s make the biggest uproar possible in this state.  Link Corzine, Cody, Norcross and the crew to corruption.  Hammer any and all democrats with charges of public corruption in either deed or association.  Just keep punching and kicking them when ever and where ever they are.  Let’s take the kid gloves off and really start to show the people of this state we have a better plan, better ideas and most of all, better moral values!

To all the corrupt scum in Trenton and Bergen county, “IT’S TAXES, STUPID”! 

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