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Doesn’t The Right Hand Know What The Left Hand Is Doing In Trenton?

Yesterday, the greatest newspaper reporter in the State of New Jersey, Dunstan McNichol, had two articles about state groups under the “leadership” of Kris Kolluri.  The first article’s headline was:

State plans to borrow$1.6B for transportation upgrades

Of course this is not unexpected from  the idiots in Trenton.  Borrowing money is their favorite hobby!  But if I remember correctly, borrowing money and not having the ability to pay it back is what caused the current financial crisis that we are now experiencing.  But, before we go there, let’s look at the title of Dunstan’s other article:

NJ Transit seeks fiscally safer track, state and federal officials act to stem a potential default of $150M

Wait, hold it, stop the presses!  NJ Transit, part of the Department of Transportation might face a default of $150 million?  And yet, they still want to go out and borrow more money?   I knew there were idiots in Trenton, but I did not know that they were also insane or on drugs!  Really, it is about time to require mental health screening, along with drug testing for these people!  And it seems that the head “Candyman” down there is; Kris Kolluri.  Here are the links to Dunstan’s articles:

Read the articles and think about it folks!

Vote for the HERO, not the Zero!

For all you idiot, insane, crackheads in Trenton, we are coming for you in 12 months, but until then, remember; IT’S TAXES, STUPID!”

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