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Getting rewarded for illegal activities

After 18 months and god knows how much money being spent, a Blue Ribbon Panel established by Governor Stupidhead will give it’s findings and recommendations regarding ILLEGAL ALIENS!  Now I have capitalized ILLEGAL ALIENS, because that is what they are, not “undocumented immigrants.”  Calling ILLEGAL ALIENS “undocumented immigrants”, is like calling a burglar an uninvited house guest.  It is stupid and shows the person using the expression to be an ignorant idiot.

Well, we will have to wait until Governor Stupidhead returns from Iraq, where I am sure the thought of fragging his sorry butt has crossed the minds of some of our brave citizen/solders who are protecting us all from the scum Islamic terrorists that infest the world.  Alas though, some of the recommendations that the panel will suggest be implemented have been leaked to the public, and it is enough to make one explode in anger.  Let’s take a look at a few of them.

How about a “Driving Privilege Card”?  Under New Jersey law, ILLEGAL ALIENS are forbidden from obtaining driving licenses.  The logic behind this is that an ILLEGAL ALIEN could not drive a car legally in New Jersey.  No kidding Sherlock!  Why do we have laws, if we are not going to enforce them?  Of course, these liberal bozo’s could just call any ILLEGAL ALIENS who are pulled over by the police and cannot produce a driver’s license “UNDOCUMENTED DRIVERS!”

Hey, think that is good, how about these idea, let’s give all ILLEGAL ALIENS the ability to go to any state college or university and only have to pay the in-state tuition rate!  Yes, these liberal bozos have come up with yet another way to waste our tax money.  Can you imagine this, a student who is a legal citizen of the United States from any other state would have to pay “out of state tuition”, but any person who just entered this country ILLEGALLY gets rewarded by being allowed to pay in-state tuition! 

Considering all of the budget problems we have in this state now, why are we spending money even discussing this nonsense?  Is this what we expect from our elected officials, new ways to send us to the poor house, by giving benefits to people who are here illegally?  I think not, and you should too!

To all of the clowns on the “Blue Ribbon Panel on Immigrant Policy”, we will be taking urine samples for drug testing.  For all of the idiots in Trenton, the LEGAL citizens of this are coming to replace you in November, but until then, IT’S TAXES, STUPID!”

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What are they teaching in math courses now?

Gary (triple dipping) Schaer, assemblyman for the 36th district and both mayor and councilman in Passaic has introduced A1943, a bill that would establish a pilot program fot the teaching of personal finance in high school.  This would be an “unfunded mandate” on all schools in the state in the end.  Now, teaching personal finance is a worthy objective, but my question is “What the hell are they teaching in math classes today?”  I remember many a class devoted to percentages, interest, compounding, etc.  Have the liberal teachers and administrators removed this from the curriculum? 

High School was always the place that one was suppose to be prepared to enter the world.  What are we paying these teachers, principals, superintendents and others for if they are not delivering the minimum education for our children.  A basic understanding of money should have been part of the math program, not just at the high school level, but at all levels of the school system!  It is not something that should have to be “mandated” by a schmuck like Schaer! 

All citizens in New Jersey are being taxed to death to provide school systems that only reward the administrators and teachers with outlandish salaries, pensions and benefits.  For this, we currently have a third world education system.  Wonder how I know this?  Just take a look at all of the graduates of this system who are in hock up to their necks in mortgages and loans that they cannot possibly repay! 

To all the idiots who are running the schools in New Jersey who need a schmuck like Gary (triple dipper) Schaer to tell them the obvious, “IT’S TAXES, STUPID!”


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She should look in the mirror

In yesterday’s Sunday Star Ledger, Carla Katz had published an op-ed she wrote about Sarah Palin.  I will not give her the satisfaction of repeating it here, but this is the link if you wish to read this rubbish:

Normally, I would not even comment on something written by Jon Corzine’s play toy, but in this case I will make an exception.  Carla “what do I have to do for the house” Katz made reference to Sarah Palin being one of the “good ol boy’s”.  Katz tried to portray Governor Palin in a less than attractive light by pointing out how she had appointed a friend of hers to a director’s position in Alaska government.  How Governor Palin once fired a police chief when she was a mayor.  That Governor Palin, while she was mayor replaced many of the overpaid town workers with less expensive replacements.  In other words, Sarah Palin was trying to run government like a business for the benefit of the citizens!

Of course, we could use Carla Katz as an example of what I would call “the old girls club”.  Now what would that be?  Well for starters, how does one get a house she could not afford by herself?  Find a sugar daddy like Jon Corzine!  How do you get the tuition paid for your kids private school?  Find a sugar daddy like Jon Corzine!  How do you keep your union executive position and not piss off the governor of the state in which you represent the state workers union?  Backdoor emails to him!  Are you starting to get my drift here?

Actually, it is a lot easier to sum up the differences between Governor Sarah Palin, and the recently removed from her position in the union because of accusations of corruption Carla Katz.  Governor Sarah Palin is a hard working, tough as nails, hockey mom who wants to make the United States the best place on earth to live, and Carla Katz, she is a SLUT!

To Carla Katz and all of the corrupt scum in Trenton, “IT’S TAXES STUPID”!

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Thank You Kelly

Imagine my surprise this morning when I opened the op-ed pages of The Star Ledger and found that portions of my posting of July 9th had been reprinted in Kelly Heyboer’s column, Jersey Blogs.  Of course she did pick only certain parts of the entry, but  my hat is off to her.  She presented a very fair and balanced article on the various opinions being expressed by bloggers in New Jersey.

Thank you Kelly for dropping by and restoring my faith that at least one paper in this state, the Star Ledger, will try and present balanced and non-biased reporting on facts.  This is something that others in your industry have abandoned in their quest to push a social agenda of their own.

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Just the beginning on school funding in New Jersey

As I hope most of you already know, the idiots in Trenton have borrowed $4 billion dollars, without voter approval and most likely unconstitutional, to fund the new Schools Development Authority.  Over the next few weeks, I will be keeping you informed on the expenses and what I feel to be conflicts regarding the needs and spending regarding these funds.  Unfortunately, at this time, I am pressed for time to really develop the information to present a “factual” accounting of this most wasteful program.  That said, this is one that any person would have to question.

The recently released list of new school projects published by the NJ Schools Development Authority reveals that Union City will be getting $47,011,471 dollars for a “new elementary school”.  Now, that on the surface does not sound to bad, but if you remember, this is the same school district that pays it school bus drivers overtime to recharge their cellphones!  This is also the same school district that has four aassistant school superintendents, when most school systems of the same size have at the most one aassistant school superintendent.  Finally, this school system does not elect it’s board of education, but has the members appointed by the mayor, Brian Stack, who just by chance is also a double dipper who is also the State Senator for the 33rd district.

My point in bringing this first of numerous comments on this subject, is before just handing over almost $50 million dollars, how about a state or independent audit to start some slashing of the current expenditures to obtain the best “bang for the taxpayers buck”.  Is that too much to ask?  I ask you to be the judge, since in the end, it is your money!

For all of the idiots who would not let the citizens of New Jersey vote on going further in debt:


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Another loser who does not get it!

Jim Florio, the one term governor who felt taxing toilet paper was the proper thing to do has now weighed in on off-shore drilling.  Here is the link to the op-ed the Star Ledger ran on Monday:

Notice the multiply use of the words “possible spill”, “potential leak”, “limited to a few years’ worth of consumption”, “supply would be minute”, “decade away”.  Wow, if we lived by the word “possible”, who would fly if it was “possible” the plane might crash?  It would be crazy to drive, if we “might” be in an accident that would kill us.  And it gets better when the supply would be “minute”.  How does he know this, is he an expert in oil exploration?

Just a few months ago, off the coast of Brazil, an elephant field was found.  An elephant field is a huge oil deposit.  And how did Brazil find it, they got experts to drill for the oil!  They did not live by the words ‘possible, might”, “minute”.  They decided to be leaders, not whiners.

It’s time for Jim Florio to go away and let real leaders be heard.


And for idiots like Jim Florio, IT’S TAXES, STUPID!

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A little interesting fact about Abbott District spending

Yesterday, I wrote about my “discussion” with Assemblymen Gary Schaer.  It dealt with the new borrowing of 3.9 billion dollars to build new schools, the majority of them in Abbott Districts.  He felt inspite of the corruption in previous spending of 9.0 billion dollars, they still did good.  But, how can it be good if in Trenton, they start to build a school on top of a contaminated industrial site, then had to rip the building down at a cost of 22 million dollars!

If you start to figure things out, it seems that well over half of 9.0 billion dollars was thrown away.  Now take the case of Garfield, which built a 70 million dollar middle school using Abbott funds.  But, if half of the total funds were thrown away, that school now costs 140 million dollars!  The math is easy, the reasoning is easy, the only ones that don’t get it are the idiots in Trenton!

For the all the idiots in Trenton, “IT’S TAXES STUPID!”

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What a waste of time!

Tonight I went to the “Constituent Services Evening” that was being held by Assemblymen Gary Schaer, Fred Scalera and State Senator Paul Sarlo.  Well first things first, only Gary Schaer showed up.  I guess Fred and Paul had to think up new ways to tax and spend us some more.  Further, and this really pisses me off, only 2 other citizens showed up to confront Schaer on the real issues, mainly a state budget that is still loaded with fat!

After listening to Gary ramble on for 45 minutes about free services that he can arrange through his office (like anything is free from the government) he opened the table for questions.  Of course I was the first out of the gate with the question of how it is legal for them to borrow 3.9 billion dollarswithout the approval of the voters!  His answer was that he and the other “elected officials” in Trenton felt that the Supreme Court would order them to spend the money.  When I questioned why not “let the voters decide in November”?  He went on to tell a story about his wife buying sardines at Shop Rite and Costco.  He then decided he had enough debating with me and closed the meeting.  Of course this was after I wanted to discuss things like dual office holding, family leave, part time work full time pensions, etc. etc. etc.  What a jerk!

For Gary (double dipper) Schaer, and no shows Fred Scalera and Paul (triple dipper) Sarlo, “IT’S TAXES, STUPID”!

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They are doing it again to us!

The constitution of the State of New Jersey forbids the borrowing of money, except that debt which has been approved by the citizens of the state by vote!  In other words, if the idiots in Trenton want to borrow money, they must put the items on the ballot and have us vote either for or against the borrowing.  well, the new budget that they want to pass next week includes borrowing 4 billion dollars, without are approval!

This money is earmarked for school construction and will be spent just like the last time they borrowed money and gave it to a corrupt School Construction Corporation and blew through 8.6 billion dollars!  And to make matters worse, the original borrowing was suppose to be 2.5 billion dollars and they added 1.5 billion!

Two of the biggest idiots in Trenton justify this in the following manner.  Ron Rice, D-Essex says they have to replace schools in the ironbound section of Newark that were built in the 1800’s.  My question to that is “What the hell was Newark doing for the last 150 years with the money they collected and the state sent them”?  Gary Schaer, D-Passaic, a triple dipping senator suggested that one day, one of the students who use these new facilites could find cures for cancer and other diseases.  Well, I have news for him, these students would be so smart, that they would be the first ones to leave New Jersey for a state that would not tax the living crap out of them!

Get on the telephone, write a letter, send and e-mail and tell these idiots that you will remember the next time at the polls who they have put the screw to you and that they are gone!

To Ron Rice, Gary Schaer and all of the other idiots in Trenton, IT’S TAXES STUPID!

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