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A simple way to develop more jobs in New Jersey

The worst part about politicians is that no matter what the problem is, or what the cure is, they most always maintain control over the situation.  Nothing makes this stand out more than the feeble solution that they are now trying to pass in Trenton to stimulate an economic recovery.

Governor Stupidhead and the boys are putting together a package of bills to help businesses by allowing them to extend carry-forward losses, giving out $3000 grants, and something known as the “throw-out rule”.  What a pile of crap!  These laws are more like “throw-up” instead of “throw-out.”  Now how about a different idea?

Before I outline a simple solution that will have businesses lining up to be in New Jersey, let’s answer one question, “Who pays taxes?”  Well, I will make it very simple for you; the only thing in the world that pays taxes are PEOPLE!  Nothing else pays taxes at all!  Now, I know some of you will be saying, “How about the corporate tax?”  Well, companies do not pay taxes, they collect them only!  Any corporate taxes paid are built into the price of the company’s product or service, then delivered to the government.  It is real simple and real devious, since most people do not realize the money is actually coming from their pockets.

Now, instead of all of this smoke and mirrors, how about a simple, effective method of encouraging businesses to locate and grow in New Jersey.  First off, immediately eliminate all corporate taxes in Abbott districts, which represent the poorest areas in the state.  The only monies which would be paid by the businesses would be taxes to the cities to cover essential services such as water, sewer, etc.  But nothing would be paid to the state in the form of taxes, nothing!  For the rest of the state, the corporate tax would be immediately cut in half.  Further, each year for the next five years, the corporate tax would be reduced by 20%, until in the fifth year, the corporate tax would be zero!  By taking this action, businesses would be lined up to return to the state.  Jobs would be created overnight, since we would be only the fourth state in the country to have no corporate taxes!  The others, South Dakota, Wyoming and Nevada.  Think about the major corporations that would set up shop here!  Further, they would bring a variety of jobs, since this would also make them more competitive in a world economy.

To insure that this plan would work, an amendment would be added to the state constitution to ban,forever, a corporate tax, or any other form of taxation on businesses. This would show to these corporations that we really want them to locate here and invest the necessary capital to create well paying jobs.

Now, one question remains, “where will we find the revenue to replace what we will lose by eliminating the corporate tax?”  Well, the first place will be by reducing the extremely bloated budget the state has.  If they can’t cut five (5) billion from it, then they are not using the proper tools.  With the introduction of newer jobs, with the resultant reduction of state benefits for the newly employed, their contribution of income and sales taxes with result in an increased revenue stream that had never been there.

Hey, why not give it a try?  Every other plan or idea has not worked, so it is about time for a real change!

To the all the idiots in Trenton, here is a different way to make New Jersey the great state it once was.  Instead of all of your smoke and mirror ideas, why not make real change?  And don’t forget, we are coming to take out the trash in 12 months, but in the meantime, “IT’S STILL TAXES, STUPID!”

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Chris Christie and New Jersey, not right for each other!

The leadership of the republican party of New Jersey are tripping over themselves trying to get Chris Christie to run for Governor next November.  This would be the greatest mistake they could possiblely make!  The reasons are simple and should be clear to anyone, but let’s take a look at them.

Christie is a lawyer, plain and simple.  He really has no experience governing or running anything.  Please do not give me the logic that he ran the federal prosecutor’s office in New Jersey, since a dead person could run it.  And his short career as a freeholder produced nothing at all.  The last thing this state needs is another lawyer in Trenton.  We have to get it through all of our heads that more laws and lawyers is not the solution to the pressing problems that we have in this state.  What we need are less laws!   We need to line up the problems, excessive taxes, out of control spending, corrupt bureaucrats, a toxic business environment!  Then just like a bowler, we have to knock the crap out of each and everyone! 

Further to this topic, another thing we do not need is another “financier” like Governor Stupidhead!  He and his cronies on Wall Street are the reason this country is in the condition it currently is in.  Corzine and his type have proven that nothing beats pure common sense when it comes to running the economy; Spend what you have an no more! 

So if the impotent leadership of the republican party has one functioning brain cell left, they will go out and find a person who is a small business leader.  This person will be one who knows how to get the most out of employees, while watching the bottom line.  He/she will be focused on reducing the size and scope of the government in Trenton.  Costs will be cut with axes and chainsaws, not scalpels and tweezers.  And whenever costs are cut, immediately, tax rates will be slashed and those monies returned to the their rightful place, the pockets of the citizens of New Jersey.  The business climate will be changed by actually rewarding all companies for employing the citizens of New Jersey by reducing corporate taxes across the board, not just selectively.  Finally, our new Governor should show the citizens of our inner cities that he/she will not tolerate for another second the terrorist action of the gangs that infest them like parasites.  He/she will declare them for what they really are, domestic terrorists and commit to the total eradication of this vermin. 

So lets see if the so called leadership of the Republican party is up for the challenge.  Can they actually get their heads out of their butt and take back this state?  Only time will tell.

For all the idiots in Trenton, we are coming to “Stomp You Out” in November, but just remember, “IT’S TAXES, STUPID!”

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